Proof For Spousal Immigration To Canada From The UAE: How To Establish? 

Proof For Spousal Immigration To Canada From The UAE: How To Establish? 

Canada is among the few countries that allow immigration with a spouse or partner. The country offers several options for spousal immigration to Canada right from spousal sponsorship to qualifying for economic-class programs together like Express Entry or selected Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). 

Under spousal sponsorship, you have to acquire a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor your foreign spouse or common-law partner to immigrate to Canada. You can name them dependents in your Express Entry or provincial nomination applications and qualify together for Canada PR with spouse or common-law partner. 

In order to immigrate to Canada with your spousal or common-law partner, you must be able to prove the relationship genuine. Supporting documentations and evidence will vary come to depending on whether you plan your immigration to Canada from UAE with a spouse or partner.

Let’s explore the required supporting documents and evidence that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) uses to establish relationship with spouse or partner. 

Establishing relationship with your spouse: documents & evidence

Keep the following list of documentation ready: 

  • A completed IMM 5532 questionnaire titled “Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation”
  • A marriage certificate and proof that the marriage was registered with a government authority
  • Proof of a divorce if your spouse was previously married
  • Wedding invitations and photos
  • If you have children in common, long-form birth certificates or adoption records that state the name of both parents

Couples are also expected to provide evidence from at least two of the following:

  • Government issued identification showing the same address (such as a driver’s license)
  • Proof of joint ownership of residential property
  • Rental agreement showing the couple are occupants of the property
  • Evidence of joint utility accounts (such as electricity, gas, telephone, internet), joint credit cards or bank accounts
  • Other documents showing that the couple have the same address (such as phone bills, pay stubs, tax records, etc.)
  • Car insurance showing the couple have both been declared to the insurance company as residents of the same address

Establishing relationship with your partner: documents & evidence

To prove your relationship with a common-law partner for the purpose of immigration to Canada from UAE, you will need the following documents: 

  • A completed IMM 5532 questionnaire titled “Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation”
  • A completed IMM 5519 form if either member of the couple was previously in a common-law relationship with someone else
  • Evidence of separation from a former spouse if either person was previously married
  • Long-form birth certificates listing the names of both parents if the couple have children in common
  • Photos of the couple together

Additionaly, couples may be required to submit: 

  • Documents showing the couple is recognized as being in a common-law relationship (such as employment or insurance benefits)
  • Evidence that the relationship is recognized by friends and/or family (letters, social media information showing the relationship is public)
  • Evidence of shared expenses or financial support among the couple

Canada PR with Spouse through a Certified Immigration Consultant 

Apply through Express Entry or any of the eligible provincial nominee program to qualify for Canada permanent residency with spouse. 

The above requirements to establish relationship and qualifying for Canada PR with spouse or partner can be overwhelming to follow. The documents required for foreign nationals will depend on residency status, where they are applying from, and maybe even your travel history. There may be more documents to follow for immigration to Canada from the UAE. 

Visiting a certified immigration consultant can help you understand the documentation process better, if not have them do it on your behalf. 

CanApprove is duly registered and approved by the College for Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) to provide documentation and other services relating to Canadian immigration. 

Book your free appointment with us to determine your eligibility based on your work & academic profile. 

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