Over 35,000 New Immigrants Landed in January with Canada Permanent Residency Visa

Over 35,000 New Immigrants Landed

Canada landed an overwhelming 35,260 new immigrants in January, confirmed the new data released by the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC). A successful “landing in Canada” means that the foreign national in Canada has now obtained Canada permanent residency visa.


Getting a Canada PR visa is not limited to individuals already physically staying in Canada on temporary visas. It is equally applicable for eligible immigration aspirants without Canadian experience yet good work experience in any skilled occupation. However, the pandemic forced IRCC to favour more temporary residents in Canada for permanent residency.

During the month of January 2021, the vast majority of those who have “landed” during the pandemic are existing temporary residents of Canada. However, the case was different before the pandemic, as most new permanent resident landings came to Canada directly from abroad.

Nearly 65 per cent of new permanent resident landings came under the economic class and another 20 per cent landed under the family class.

Among the economic class programs, most candidates received Canada permanent residency under Canada Experience Class, followed by Provincial Nominee Program and Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Present State of Canada Immigration in 2022

Unlike the prosperous, small developed countries like Singapore and UAE where tiered-visa systems limit the growth of foreign immigrants to temporary workers, Canada offers great scope for permanent residency.

In fact, Canada remains to be the only G7 country to offer a direct permanent residence pathway to eligible skilled foreign workers. Interested individuals must come good in human capital factors like work experience, language proficiency, age, and education qualification.

IRCC appears to have processed more FSWP applications in recent months between December and February.

In an interview, last month, the new Canadian immigration minister, Sean Fraser, opened up on the opportunities and challenges of Canada immigration in 2022 & beyond.

The minister is confident and prepared to increase Canada’s immigration levels if it is necessary to address labor shortages. The country is experiencing significant skilled worker shortages in large part due to fewer immigrants arriving from overseas amid the pandemic.

Fraser sought support from local businesses and communities to increase the immigration levels.

In fact, the new mandate letter written by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Minister Sean outlines priorities for Canadian immigration in 2022 & beyond. It includes:

  • Creating more permanent residence pathways via Express Entry for international students and temporary foreign workers.
  • Reducing application processing times, including addressing delays that have been impacted by COVID-19.
  • Implementing a program to provide temporary residence to spouses and children abroad while they await the processing of their permanent residence applications.
  • Introducing electronic applications for family reunification and much more.

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The country is yet again pursuing an ambitious Immigration Levels Plan in its history. It plans to welcome 431,645 candidates for Canada immigration in 2022, another 447,055 in 2023, and an additional 451,000 in 2024.

Canada was able to achieve last year’s immigration levels of over 400,000 by transitioning many international students, temporary foreign workers, and other temporary residents to permanent residency.

Canada is dependent on the immigration of economic-class candidates to overcome dual demographic shocks. The flagship system to manage applications for federal immigration programs is Express Entry. The Provincial Nominee Programs are also offering reliable permanent residence pathways for foreign migrants. Choose from 120+ Economic-class pathways to immigrate to Canada. Click here to learn more.

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