New $10-per-day Child Care Policy To Positively Impact Canada’s immigrants

Child Care Policy Canada

Following the announcement of the affordable daycare program across Canada earlier this year, the federal government led by Justin Trudeau has committed to investing $30 billion over the next five years and then a minimum of $9.2 billion annually after that.

As per the statement put out by the Prime Minister’s office in April 2021. the new $10-per-day child care for Canadian families could reduce daycare fees by 50 per cent on average everywhere outside of Quebec by the end of 2022.

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The federal government has so far reached agreements with seven provinces and one territory for implementing this new early learning and child care system. Part of the agreements entails determining how much money the federal government will provide each jurisdiction to make child care more affordable, and accessible.

New Daycare Program to Boost Economic Opportunities Among Immigrants

The major intention behind rolling out this initiative is to spur economic growth and social prosperity across the country. This will particularly work in favour of immigrant women who may be forced to stay at home to look after their kids due to a lack of affordable daycare options.

According to the federal budget 2021, in Toronto, which is the leading destination of new immigrants to Canada, the average monthly toddler fee is $1,600. That is over $3,000 a month for the typical family with two kids!

The economic-class immigration policy in Canada favours Immigrants to arrive at a younger age than the average Canadian age. This means they tend to have younger families and it creates the need for child care as immigrants may not have existing family and friends available to help them.

With the rollout of the $10-per-day child care program, the participation rate of immigrant women in the labour force is set to increase which in return improves the purchasing power of immigrant families and also improves social integration among immigrant women.

Affordable daycare programs for children are already in place in Quebec and over the years of its introduction, it has increased the labour force participation rate of women in Quebec.

As average Canadians are ageing and the country is experiencing low population growth, Canada is sustaining its human capital by encouraging more foreign skilled immigration. This opens a favourable window for skilled aspirants looking to work & settle abroad.

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