Canada Holds A Surprise Express Entry Draw Inviting CEC-Only For PR

express entry draw 188

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held yet another surprise Express Entry nomination draw on May 20, exclusively targeting candidates with prior work experience in Canada. 


The 188th Express Entry is special because of the usually low minimum score requirement since the historic February 13 draw. Interestingly, it only required having a qualifying CRS of 75 points. 

May 20 Express Entry draw invited a total of 1,842 candidates who may be eligible for permanent residence (PR) through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). However, the draw size is certainly lower than the previous CEC-only draw held on May 13

International students/recent graduates, temporary skilled workers are known to be the largest beneficiary groups under the CEC program.

Any prospective candidates that seek to register their profile for consideration under the Express Entry system shall be assessed and ranked based on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Such profiles are evaluated on a total of 1200 points and considers human capital factors like age, education, work experience outside Canada, language proficiency in English/French, spouse adaptability, Canadian study experience, etc. 

May 20 draw selected candidates having one of the lowest minimum CRS scores of 397 points.  

In the case of two or more candidates being awarded the same CRS score, IRCC applies its tie-break rule to avoid any further disputes in the rankings. This draw invited candidates who had a minimum score of 397 and only if they submitted their Express Entry profile before April 24, 2021, at 12:09:24 UTC. 

Take this free assessment online to determine your eligibility for permanent residency. 

Candidates With Prior Experience Being Preferred

Since the beginning of 2021, Canada has been consistent in holding Express Entry nomination draws which specifically targeted candidates having some experience in Canada. It was either through selecting candidates with provincial nominations or candidates qualifying under the Canadian Experience Class program. 

Closely adhering to its annual target of nearly 108,800 ITAs, Canada has already invited upto 68,317 candidates to apply for PR in 2021. Canada will have to give disproportionate importance to the Express Entry-managed programs to achieve an overwhelming target of inviting nearly 1.2 million new immigration by 2023. 

Express Entry-managed programs include the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and the Federal Skills Trades Program (FSTP). Applicants having a provincial nomination are effectively guaranteed an invitation to apply for permanent residency. 

You Could Be Next!

With this hypothetical example, you may assume your chances of qualifying for permanent residency in Canada. 

Majid has a bachelor’s degree and has been working in Canada as a database analyst for just over one year. He is 36 years old and already had a working experience of 6 years, prior to coming to Canada. Considering such factors, Majid’s CRS score of 456 would have been sufficient to qualify for this new draw. 

CRS Calculator

Express Entry draws also consider candidates with no work experience in Canada. Get in touch with CanApprove to know more about your chances of immigrating to Canada. 

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