Express Entry Draw #259 Results – Canada’s All-Program Draw invites 2,000 Profiles

Express Entry Draw 259

The IRCC has released the next round of invitations. This time, Canada has invited more candidates in the latest Express Entry draw. This draw was conducted on the 1st of August 2023 inviting 2000 candidates from all programs to apply


August’s 1st Express Entry Draw

The last all-program draw was conducted on the 11th of July with an expected CRS score of 505. The minimum required CRS score for this month is leveled up to 517. There is no program specification for the draw which means invitations are issued to candidates from Canadian Express Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), and the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP). 


The all-programs draw had the higher CRS cut-off score in the recent draws when compared to other category-specific draws this month. Draws for the five categories such as STEM occupations, Healthcare occupations, and French-speaking candidates have taken place. The largest category has been for Francophones so far. All of this combined, a total of 6,100 candidates have been invited to apply in the French language draws. 


It was also announced that the category-specific draws will take place for people who have experience in trades. It focuses on who are trade experts that also include carpentry, plumbing, and welding helping the construction sector in Canada and pulling skilled workers into its economy. 


Express Entry Pool Draws

A compilation of the Express Entry pool:


CRS Score Range Number of Candidates Invited
601-1200 1,308
501-600 2,019
451-500 55,295
491-500 2,286
481-490 6,236
471-480 19,398
461-470 15,100
451-460 12,275
401-450 54,173
441-450 11,293
431-440 12,309
421-430 10,008
411-420 10,873
401-410 11,743
351-400 61,438
301-350 32,077
0-300 5,219
TOTAL 211,529



Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has been prioritizing skilled workers from the five categories such as STEM professionals, Healthcare professionals, French language proficiency candidates, Trade and Transport experts, Agri-food, and Agriculture occupations. The IRCC pulls efficient candidates into the pool using a credit-based system called the CRS score calculator. The process of inviting candidates by the IRCC goes like this:

  • The IRCC chooses the type of draw.
  • It decides the number of candidates to be invited to apply.
  • Then, the IRCC picks out the highest-ranking candidates and,
  • Sends out the invitations to apply.


Canada is sought after skilled professionals and this could be a great opportunity for all those who are looking out to start a career and settle in Canada. By meeting all the requirements you will be eligible to be invited. For more updates and information about Express Entry draws, Connect with CanApprove right away!

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