September 2022 Recorded the Highest With 19 PNP Draws For Canadian Immigration

September 2022 Recorded the Highest With 19 PNP Draws For Canadian Immigration

Canada immigration registered yet another historic record with the highest number of 19 pnp draws held in a month. 

Together, it also resulted in 11,548 invitations to apply (ITAs) or notification of interest (NOIs) or expression of interest (EOIs) to apply for provincial nominations and eventually qualify for Canadian permanent residency

Canada PNP draws held in September 2022 are summarized as 

  • Five Canadian provinces were active in September – British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, PEI, and Saskatchewan.
  • Ontario and Saskatchewan dominated with the highest number of invites for provincial nominations. 
  • Various categories of skilled workers, recent graduates, and even entrepreneurs were targeted through these provincial draws. 

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Remember that the minimum score required for Canada Immigration is 67 points.

Why Provincial Nominee Program for Canada Immigration? 

Since its launch in 1998, the Provincial Nominee Programs have become the second main route to permanent residence in Canada. 

The unique arrangement between the federal and provincial/territorial governments in Canada, except in Quebec & Nunavut, allows the nomination of foreign candidates separately based on the unique labor demand of each province. 

By 2024, more than 93,000 immigrants per year are expected to be admitted as permanent residents through various Provincial Nominee Programs. 

However, in the present scenario, Canada is expected to favor more intakes for permanent residency with prior provincial nominations as top Express Entry programs like Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) have only recently resumed after a gap of nearly 18 months. 

Candidates under FSWP usually have no Canadian work experience, job offer, or academic exposure in Canada. They directly qualify for PR based on their work experience, and language proficiency or academic proficiency. 

On the other hand, candidates with an active Express Entry and a provincial nomination give an additional 600 points towards their overall CRS score. This would effectively guarantee them an ITA for Canada PR in a subsequent Express Entry draw. 

Overview on September 2022 Canada PNP Draws

Date PNP Draw Number of invitees
September 07, 2022 Ontario 1521
September 20, 2022 823
September 23, 2022 363
September 27, 2022 03
September 28, 2022 1,179
September 19, 2022 1,340
September 01, 2022 Saskatchewan 43
September 01, 2022 941
September 06, 2022 760
September 07, 2022 943
September 15, 2022 326
September 28, 2022 1,146
September 07, 2022 British Columbia 374
September 13, 2022 300
September 21, 2022 357
September 27, 2022 268
September 08, 2022 Manitoba 278
September 15, 2022 436
September 15, 2022 Prince Edward Island 147
Total 11,548

Canada to Increase Immigration Levels

Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser seems confident and prepared to increase Canada’s immigration levels if it is necessary to address labor shortages. We will get to know about the future of the immigration by end of November when he tables Immigration Levels Plan for 2023-2025. 

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