Canadian Immigration 2021: How Realistic is 401,000 Immigration Target?

Why Canada’s 401,000 immigration target for 2021 is achievable

Canada announced its recovery plan in the post-COVID-19 world by unveiling a new Immigration Levels Plans 2021-2023. The country is targeting to welcome over 1.2 million new immigrants in the next three years.  


But naturally, welcoming 401,000 immigrants in 2021 is a steep mountain for the Canadian government to climb. The plan calls for about 60% of immigrants to be welcomed under the economic class including Express Entry, PNP, Business immigration, and about 25% through the family class sponsorship programs. 

Based on the latest trend of nomination draws, an encouraging pattern emerges that reinforces the confidence in candidates abroad to apply for Canadian immigration

Extra-ordinary Nomination Draws Trends

As recently as February 13, 2021, Canada held a rare and historic Express Entry nomination draw resulting in 27,332 invitations to apply for permanent residence. However, only candidates with prior work experience inside Canada, or otherwise CEC candidates, were nominated, keeping in view the ongoing travel restrictions.

The exuberant draw size and astonishingly low qualifying CRS requirement of 75 points raised questions on the uncertainty of the future draws. However, IRCC clarified that some 90% of the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates invited were residing in Canada during the pandemic, and hence, they are less likely than those overseas to face coronavirus-related immigration disruptions. 

Even though not a single Express Entry in 2021 nominated candidates under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), overseas aspirants should not lose their hopes. The fact that IRCC and the various Canadian provinces are still processing immigration applications received from abroad and inviting new candidates who are outside of Canada should reinforce some confidence.

Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) have remained active since the start of 2021. About 80,000 or more new immigrants are expected to receive invitations this year under various PNP streams. 

British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba seem to be at the forefront in helping candidates qualify to apply for permanent residence in a quick time. 

Canada aims to welcome 103,500 immigrants through the family class this year. 

Achieving the family class target is made easier by the fact that immediate families are exempt from travel restrictions. At the same time, IRCC will likely need to expedite spousal applications, which make up the bulk of the family class.  

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino had earlier shown faith in candidates with prior “Canadian experience” to play an important role in post-COVID-19 recovery. Candidates having Canadian experience would mean that they have either family ties in Canada or previous work experience in Canada or had studied in Canada in recent years. 

CRS Calculator

The minister noted to CIC News, “These aspiring Canadians are already established here, possess valuable skills, and are giving back to their communities. They are hard at work in some of the most essential parts of our economy and are ready to build their future in Canada.”

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