Will COVID-19 outbreak affect Canada immigration?

COVID-19 impact on Canadian Immigration

The Canada Immigration Levels Plan for 2020-2022 was released recently, even though the corona virus crisis was affecting the country severely. The crisis has made a negative impact on the Canadian economy, just like so many other countries. By all indications, Canada is heading towards an economic downturn.  This situation is worrying for hopeful immigrants as they fear that Canada may bring down the immigration levels. But immigration experts think that it is necessary for Canada to keep the immigration levels high in order to bring down the economic effect of the corona virus crisis.

Canada Immigration

Ever since the 1980s, Canada does not link the immigration levels to the economic condition of the country. It means the economic condition does not affect the Canada immigration levels. Canada has taken such a policy because of the fact that immigrants have been helping the Canada economy grow. Besides being workers, the immigrants contribute towards the growth of the country as both consumers and taxpayers.

Canada has always formulated its immigration policies keeping long-term goals in mind. It is not only about meeting immediate requirements for filling vacancies. Canada needs immigrants to sustain its economic growth. Because of this reason, Canada has welcomed immigrants even during recessions.

It is expected that a large proportion of the current work force of the country would retire in the near future. As Canada’s birthrate is too low, the country has to depend on immigrants to make sure that they have sufficient supply of labour and the economic growth is sustained. So even if there is a recession, it’s less likely to affect the Canada immigration scenario. Experts believe that high immigration levels would help Canada leave behind the impact of coronavirus crisis as well as boost the economy of the country.

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