Statistics Canada See Increased Job Vacancies in Healthcare and Accommodation and Food Services

Foreign immigrants to benefit as Canada posts high job vacancies in health care and food services.

In a newly published report by Statistics Canada, the accommodation, food services, retail trade, and healthcare sectors in Canada are found to post the highest number of open positions in recent months. 

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As Canada is
opening up its border to international travellers, the report observed that the employers in Canada were actively recruiting for an estimated 671,100 positions in May. The health care sector posted the highest number of job openings in Canada at 107,300 positions. It was followed by Accommodation and food services with some 78,000 open positions, followed by retail trade which had 73,800 job vacancies. Even the Labour Force Survey saw employment in accommodation and food services grew nearly 12 per cent from May to June in Canada.  

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The pandemic-related economic restrictions lead the number of retirements and people quitting their jobs due to dissatisfaction drop significantly, writes Economist Andrew Agopsowicz. Now that the Canadian economy is showing positive signs of recovery, the number of job quitters and retirements are returning to pre-pandemic levels which are said to exacerbate labour shortages throughout the summer and fall. 

Another finding from the RBC report stresses more emphasis on increasing the immigration levels in Canada to meet the ongoing labour shortages. In fact, the local employers in Atlantic Canada are already favouring more immigration to fulfil the vacancies as well as boost the population in the region. 

The term number of vacancies is interchangeably used to estimate the number of open positions. 

Current Rate of Immigration Levels in Canada

Canada did not hesitate to release an ambitious immigration levels plan during the early phases of pandemic-related restrictions. The country looks forward to welcoming nearly 401,000 new immigrants each year till 2023. It is even more encouraging to note that Canada welcomed over 35,000 new permanent residents in June alone, the first time since the pandemic. 

Despite the record-breaking efforts, Canada is still lagging behind the annual immigration targets. Canada has admitted newcomers at a slower rate in the first few months of the year and only if it picks up pace in the next half of 2021 will it be able to achieve the historic immigration levels.

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