Canada Increases Intake Levels for 2022-24, Widening the Scope to Apply for Canada Visa

Canada increases immigration level

The Canadian government is raising its immigration level for the next three years to welcome about 1.7 million immigrants to the country. The revised Immigration Levels Plan will widen the scope for many immigrant aspirants to apply for Canada visa in 2022-2024.

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Over the period of three years, Canada will target the following number of immigrant landings to apply for Canada visa:

  • 2022: 431,645 immigrants for Canada permanent residence. 
  • 2023: 447,055 immigrants for Canada permanent residence.
  • 2024: 451,000 immigrants for Canada permanent residence.

A successful landing in Canada for immigrants would effectively mean the conversion of your legal status from temporary residence to permanent residence. Any foreign skilled worker without prior work experience in the country or without a job offer can apply for permanent residence in Canada.

During the pandemic, Canada converted more on-shore candidates or those on temporary residence visas to permanent residence visas to meet its annual target. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser hopes to invite more off-shore candidates around this time. 

Minister in a statement said, “… It focuses on attracting skilled workers who will contribute to Canada’s economy and tackle the labor shortage while recognizing the importance of family reunification …

Economic Immigration Programs to Apply for Canada Visa

In 2022 alone, Canada is expected to target about 56 per cent of the total target under the economic class pathways like Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec Immigration, and more. 

Canada has decided to cut Express Entry admissions in half for 2022 mainly due to increasing backlogs in the FSWP & CEC applications in the pool. 

Canada will return to normal Express Entry admissions levels by 2024 when it targets the arrival of 111,5000 Express Entry immigrants then.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is said to let Canada Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) take the center stage in inviting more immigrants to apply for Canada visa in 2022. It is targeting to land about  83,500 newcomers via the PNP this year. 

Canada to Prioritize Family Immigration Programs

The family class will target up to 24 per cent of admissions targets in 2022. About 80,000 are set to arrive under the Spouses, Partners, and Children Program, and another 25,000 are set to arrive under the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP).

IRCC has increased its PGP admissions target slightly, by 1,500 additional spots, compared with its previous plan.

Projected admissions-Targets 431,645 447,055 451,000
Federal economic, provincial/territorial nominees  214,850 253,000 267,750
Family Reunification  105,000 109,500

Canada may announce another Canada Immigration Level Plan 2023-2025 by November 1st, 2022 if any need arises to accommodate more immigrants. 

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Canada is ranked No.1 among top immigration destinations ahead of Australia at No 4 and the US at No. 6. Direct Permanent Residency pathway, favourable immigration policies, and embracing multiculturalism still remain to be go-to marketing words for Canadian immigration. 

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