Canada Stands To Be Most Preferred Migrant Destination, finds a latest Gallup Survey

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Canada and its immigration policies have yet again been recognized at a global level. Canada now ranks No.1 in the most preferred migrant destination global survey conducted by Gallup. 

Gallup, Inc. is an American analytics and advisory company and is widely known for conducting public opinion polls. 

Canada has a long history of immigration and it was given a boost with the coming of Express Entry system in 2015. It was now possible for foreign skilled workers to migrate to Canada without a job offer or a Canadian work experience. 

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Top 10 most accepting countries for migrants

The survey also ranked the top 10 most accepting countries in the world for migrants in the year 2019. The survey used a Migration Acceptance Index. 

The Migrant Acceptance Index is based on three questions:

  • How the local population felt about migrants living in their country, 
  • How they felt about them becoming their neighbors, and
  • How much do they agree on migrants marrying into their family.

The index was first prepared taking in responses from 140 different countries in 2016 and 2017, which was updated again in 145 countries in 2019. The higher the index score, the better the country is for immigration. 

Almost 94 percent of the Canadian residents said migrants living in their country was a good thing. 95 percent of them felt migrants being in their neighborhood was a good thing. Those who said a migrant marrying into their family was a good thing comprised 91 percent.

Based on the results, Canada ranks on the top followed by Australia at the fourth place and the United States at the sixth. Canada was awarded a whooping 8.46 on the Index out of a possible 9.0. Australia got 8.28 while the US was awarded 7.95 on the index. The index also signifies Canada’s need for immigration to maintain a strong economy. 

In recent years, Canada is also focussing a lot on family immigration programs on par with economic programs, for instance, the Parents and Grandparents program will open from October 13 and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will accept requests for sponsoring immediate family members till November 3. 

Back in 2017, Canada was ranked fourth. However, major improvements in annual allocation targets for both federal and provincial programs, the growing xenophobia in the United States and immigrant-friendly measures by the Justin Trudeau-led Canadian government has helped Canada grab the No.1 spot.

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