Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party To Win its Third Straight Canadian Election 2021

Liberals win Election 2021: How will it improve Canadian immigration?

Reports from news networks such as CTV and CBC show the Liberal Party headed by Justin Trudeau will form their third consecutive government at the federal level.

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The liberal party needs at least 170 seats out of the Canadian Parliament’s 338 seats to form a majority government. A majority government enables the ruling party to implement any legislative changes that they wish without needing the support of opposition parties. News reports are showing us that the liberal party may form their second minority government and will need support from the opposition in order to pass laws and maintain power.

Even in their previous term since 2019, the minority government of Liberals has been successful in enacting their immigration agenda without much controversy or opposition.

How will it Affect Canadian Immigration?

There are more likely to be minimal changes in the current immigration policies. Canada will continue to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants each year and make them eligible to apply for permanent residency.

The Liberal party will look to fulfill their 2019 election campaign promise to end citizenship fees. They will introduce electronic applications to improve applications for family reunification.

The new minority government will look to improve changes in the federal Express Entry system to accommodate more temporary foreign workers and former international students by adding additional points eligibility to the Comprehensive Ranking System.

We may expect more budgetary finance to be allocated to improve Canadian immigration. For instance, Budget 2021 by the same liberal government intends to invest almost $430 million to upgrade its IT infrastructure so it can improve the way it processes immigration applications.

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