Manitoba’s Seventh Expression of Interest Draw Pushes Total Invitations to Over 3000 this Year

Manitoba’s Seventh Expression of Interest Draw Pushes Total Invitations to Over 3000 this Year

Manitoba, one of the Canadian province has been highly active in taking immigrants right from the start of this year. In fact, it should be noted that Manitoba has conducted Seven Expression of Interest Draws till date and the total number of Invitations issued this particular year by Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program through these streams have crossed 3000.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program allows the province to select candidates those who seem to meet the labour market needs of the province from the Canadian Express Entry Pool and it should also be mentioned that MPNP was Canada’s first provincial nominee program.

The invitations sent on the 28th of March draw were to candidates in the MPNP’s Skilled Worker Overseas, Skilled Worker in Manitoba and International Education Streams. With this draw, the seventh Expression of Interest Draw, the total number of Invitations issued by Manitoba via these streams is 3,199 and the minimum score drops to 433 for Skilled Workers in Manitoba.

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Candidates invited on March 28th (a total of 595 candidates) had with them an Expression of Interest Profile registered with the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (which is the first step to be considered for a nomination via multiple streams). Expression of Interest Profiles are given scores based on factors like work experience, education, age, language proficiency and other important factors.

It is expected that Manitoba will be inviting more candidates with the help of its provincial nominee programs. With certain streams providing pathways to permanent residence, Manitoba could be one of the ideal provinces to apply and migrate to.

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