Minister on New Canadian Permanent Residency Pathways For Temporary Residents

Canadian Permanent Residency Pathways

In an interview after his speech at the Collision, a tech conference in Toronto, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser discussed new Canadian permanent residency pathways for temporary residents

The news about new PR pathways is based on a mandate letter issued by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Fraser was mandated to “expand pathways to permanent residence for international students and temporary foreign workers.” 

In a follow up to this, Randeep Sarai, the member of parliament for Surrey Centre, British Columbia put forward a motion giving the minister 120 days, as of May 11, to develop and release a strategy to achieve these goals.

The challenge that I’m wrestling with right now is that we have more people coming on a temporary basis than we may have spaces for in our immigration levels plan,” said Minister Fraser. 

We might have half a million people here temporarily studying but we have 400,000 or so [permanent residence] spaces.”

The proposed Canadian permanent residency pathways for temporary residents may not be identical to a similar program launched in 2021, the Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence (TR2PR) pathway. 

TR2PR pathway allowed 90,000 temporary residents working in Canada to qualify for permanent residency. However, it was a one-time measure launched by the previous term government to assist Canada meet its immigration target amid border closures. 

Canada Boosts Economic-Class Immigration

With increased economic activity in Canada on the rise, eligible skilled workers will now be targeted to fulfill the increased job vacancies in Canada and qualify for Canadian permanent residency.

Canada is already targeting over 430,000 immigrants per year. Moreso, the immigration to Canada is based on the efforts of strengthening the economy post-pandemic and support the aging demography and contribute to the prevalent low birth rate. ,

Usually, Canada invites applications under three classes of immigration: economic class, family, and refugee.

The economic class involves immigrants who have been selected for their ability to contribute to Canada’s economy. The criteria for selection vary according to candidates’ capacity to meet labor market needs, own or manage a business, make a substantial investment or create their own employment. 

Popular Canadian immigration programs include Federal Skilled Worker Program and Canadian Experience Class under the Express Entry system, Provincial Nominee Program, or Student visa programs. 

Canada will strengthen the Express Entry system by introducing newer reforms this year. However, the minister had categorically dismissed the idea that temporary residents would be awarded extra points through the Express Entry system. 

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