4 Benefits of Hiring a Certified Immigration Consultant To Apply for Canada Immigration

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The famous lines of Ken Blanchard, “None of us is as smart as all of us“, blends perfectly well with our topic in the discussion. Even though the Canadian government has simplified its online portal to apply for Canada immigration on your own with the likes of program guides, online form submission, timely online updates, etc., having an expert immigration consultant alongside can boost your chances of qualifying.

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Caution must be exercised before hiring an immigration consultant to help you apply for Canada immigration or any other. The consultant for hire must be certified or licensed by competent authorities of the destination country. Say, CanApprove is a certified or licensed immigration consultant, duly recognized by the College of Immigration. And Citizenship Canada (CICC).

The process of applying for Canada immigration can extend for months. Engaging a certified immigration consultant can help you manage time better.

Applying Through An Immigration Consultant Is Optional

The Government of Canada treats all immigration applications alike, whether applied through a consultant or not.

Having said that, applying for Canada immigration on your own can invite a higher risk of visa rejection because

  • Your lack of first-hand experience may force you to adopt the wrong procedure.
  • You may fail to analyze your work/academic profile to select the right visa program.
  • Determining a relatively similar National Occupation Classification (NOC) in Canada may be challenging for immigration purposes.
  • You may not be able to keep up with the form submission deadlines.
  • You may be left unaware of changes in immigration laws/policies.
  • You may be misled by online forums or worst fall into a financial scam.

Certified Immigration Consultant like CanApprove can help you & highly recommended if you have been:

  • rejected previously or
  • have a potential medical inadmissibility concern or
  • you’re applying through a complex immigration program or
  • you may have a unique case in hand or
  • you wish to ignore tedious documentation.

Going further, you will know the benefits of hiring an immigration consultant to boost your chances of qualifying.

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Immigration Consultant

  1. Worry not about which Visa to choose: 

You may find yourself eligible for more than 2 immigration programs at once. A qualified and experienced PR immigration consultant can solve your confusion. Based on your work or academic profile and its demand in Canada, an immigration consultant or a PR consultant can help you, which otherwise may be difficult even with the help of free online forums.

  1. Resolving complex issues in your application:

After eligibility check, the first stage of a Canada visa is Educational Credential Assessment. We find many candidates stuck here because of the sealed transcripts requirements.

Though there is nothing complex about it, getting help from a genuine & licensed immigration consultant can save you time. A certified immigration consultant may also help you with possible solutions when your NOC is not correct and in other similar issues.

  1. Suggest suitable alternatives:

Sometimes you can be unlucky to not get selected even after meeting all the eligibility requirements.

In scenarios like these, a certified immigration consultant can add genuine hopes with alternative options that help you migrate to Canada through other visa programs. They can even suggest measuring to increase the scope of the current visa process to improve your chances of selection.

  1. Noting even the finest of details in your application to avoid rejection:

Aspirants applying for Canada immigration on their own often miss accounting for dynamic factors in their life. While it may take more than a year in the waiting period, accounts of marriage, job change, or having a new kid, etc. must be timely update in your immigration application. A responsible immigration consultant will ensure to do this on your behalf once you inform them. Otherwise, there is a risk of rejection when your application is due for the process.

BONUS Benefit of Hiring CanApprove to Apply for Canada Immigration

There are some genuine immigration consultancies that do more than the tasks mentioned above. For example, at CanApprove, we offer assistance for IELTS preparation, Canada PR services (including help for your Medical Verification documents, Police Clearance Certificate, Proof of Funds documents, and Job Experience supporting document). We also have tie-ups with 500+ institutions for your study abroad programs in Canada. Our job search assistance and customization of profiles can match your work skills with a suitable employer in Canada.

Get a free assessment of your immigration profile and find the best pathway to migrate to Canada.

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    Your insightful article on Immigration Consultants brilliantly encapsulates the vital role they play in the complex and dynamic landscape of global migration. Your meticulous exploration of their expertise in navigating intricate visa processes, staying updated with ever-changing regulations, and offering crucial support to individuals and families chasing their dreams across borders is truly commendable. Your writing not only highlights their pivotal role but also underscores the empathy and dedication that top-tier Immigration Consultants bring to the table, ensuring a smoother journey for those embarking on new beginnings. Kudos for shedding light on this essential aspect of modern migration!

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