Debate Ends Here: Apply for Canada Visa on Your Own or Through Canada Immigration Consultants?

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If you are a resident in UAE and still wish to settle abroad, Canada must be on your priority list. Here are some of the pathways you can take to apply for Canada Visa. It could lead to Canadian permanent residency – which may eventually make you eligible for citizenship.

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The best immigration program will depend on your professional experience and your goals. Here are some of the most recognized and popular programs available to apply for Canada visa:

  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Study in Canada then work (Canada Experience Class)
  • Canadian work permits (Canada Experience Class)
  • Family-class sponsorship

Visit our previous blog to learn more about the above-mentioned immigration pathways to Canada.

The good news is that you can apply for Canada Visa all by yourself. All the forms and information required to apply for Canada Visa and/or to immigrate to Canada are available for free on the Canadian government’s official website. Even the fastest immigration programs can take months between the time you apply and the time you land. The application fees are also listed. However, be prepared to incur hidden costs for a language test, a medical exam, and others.

If you follow the instructions in the application guide, you can complete the application form and submit it on your own. If you decide to process your application through Canada immigration consultants, be careful whom you ask for advice.

What can Canada Immigration Consultants do?

  • explain and give advice on your immigration or citizenship options
  • help you choose the best immigration program for you
  • fill out and submit your immigration or citizenship application
  • communicate with the Government of Canada on your behalf
  • advertise that they can give immigration or citizenship advice

Can You Trust Canada Immigration Consultants to Apply for Canada Visa? 

To work & settle in Canada is a dream of millions. Canada is striving hard to fulfil the dreams of many aspirants with its liberal immigration policies and multiple immigration pathways. Applying for Canada Visa is simple and mostly online which is designed for aspirants to work on their own.

We would like to remind the readers of a similar experience with one of our clients in the recent past.

Alaina Ahmad got her study visa in Canada rejected during the first time that she applied on her own. On approaching CanApprove to apply for Canada Visa for the second time, she got it approved. She is now excited to start her journey at University Canada West, British Columbia.

Watch her video testimonial here.

However, the process for applying for Canada Visa may be intimidating, especially for first-timers. In such cases, you may require professional guidance from certified Canada immigration consultants. There are many genuine Canada Immigration Consultants in the region to guide you throughout the process. A genuine Canada immigration consultant will come good on the following criteria:

  • Immigration license and certification from the College of Immigration, and Citizenship Consultants (CICC)
  • Number of years of experience in the industry;
  • Regional or global presence of the said consultant;
  • And, of course, a record of successful testimonials from their clients.

CanApprove is one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai. Being a certified Canada Immigration Consultant, we offer a standard immigration support package that includes a free assessment, pre-screening, documentation assistance, review on rejections and appeal guidance, training for embassy interviews, post-landing services like accommodation & more.

Final Verdict

The Government of Canada treats all applications for Canada Visa equally, whether they apply through a consultant or not.

Several aspirants apply for Canada Visa on their own and are subsequently approved each year. However, most may be limited to study visa or permanent residency applications through Express Entry. Application for Canada permanent residency through other economic-class immigration pathways like Provincial Nominee Programs are less explored when applying on their own.

An application for Canada Visa processed through a Canadian immigration consultant will analyze 100+ Canadian immigration programs and suggest suitable immigration programs based on the applicants’ work or academic profile.

Protect yourself from immigration fraud. Fake consultants, out there may scam you. Stay cautious of the following things:

  • If asked to pay to access the application form and guides.
  • If asked to provide personal information, financial information, or make a deposit even before you start your application process.
  • Makes too good to be true immigration deals, or “guarantees” entry into Canada, or “priority processing” of your application.

Getting professional help from experienced Canada immigration consultants like CanApprove will save time by avoiding rejections & eventually be more cost-effective.

Get a free assessment of your immigration profile and find the best pathway to migrate to Canada.

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