New Immigration Tool From IRCC To Determine Where To Live In Canada

Canada is expected to test out a new algorithm that makes recommendations to immigrants on where they may enjoy the greatest economic success. 


As per the immigration data available with Statistics Canada, most immigrants end up living in one of Canada’s major cities. In fact, more than half of all immigrants and recent immigrants to Canada currently live in Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver.

Another report published by IPL suggests immigrant’s initial arrival location plays a key role in shaping their economic success in Canada. For instance, many economic immigrants choose Toronto simply because that is all they know of Canada. However, they may be in “the wrong place” for their skillset. 

Since 2018, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have been working on a research project alongside the Immigration Policy Lab (IPL) at Stanford University that may pave the way for a new immigration tool, named GeoMatch. 

Further, the IRCC has identified several regional areas in Canada that can offer excellent economic opportunities for new immigrants. Moreover, Canada’s ambitious target of welcoming 1.2 million new immigrants over the next three years implicitly encourages regional immigration. 

New Immigration Tool

GeoMatch aims to develop an algorithm that will automate suggestions for resettlement efforts for new immigrants in Canada. 

“It uses historical data to help immigrants choose where they might thrive the most”, IRCC spokesperson Isabelle Dubois told CIC News. “The study suggested that prospective economic immigrants who followed the GeoMatch recommendation would be more likely to find a well-paying job after they arrived.” 

GeoMatch considers factors such as previous immigrants’ work history, education as well as personal characteristics to be able to predict an immigrant’s likelihood of success in various locations across Canada.

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CRS Calculator

If you think that using this tool will eliminate the need for further visa and career counseling for Canadian Immigration, you may be mistaken. GeoMatch provides data-driven predictions to help you choose the right destination in Canada for immigration however it will not suffice your successful entry into Canada. 

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