Canada Introduces Online Citizenship Test

Canada Citizenship

After eight months of cancelling the offline citizenship test due to forcible lockdowns, Canada will soon conduct the test online. 

According to data from the IRCC, close to 85,000 eligible candidates are awaiting to take the test, as on September 7. Candidates who had their citizenship tests cancelled owing to the pandemic as well as those who are on the waiting list will be given preference. 

The proposal for the online citizenship test is being implemented on an experimental basis. Only after proofing its efficacy will Canada look to offer the online services to more citizenship applicants. 


Canada Citizenship Test Format

The candidates need to confirm their identity through submission of personal information. Once done, the applicants have at least 21 days to complete the test at a convenient time. The system will monitor the response of candidates using a webcam throughout the duration of the test. 


Eligible candidates can take the Canada Citizenship test online in any of the two official languages: English or French. Just like the offline exam pattern, the online Canada Citizenship test will have 20 choice-based questions, which need to be answered within 30 minutes. 


A total of 75% marks are needed to qualify for the test, i.e., the candidates must answer at least 15 questions correctly out of the total of 20 questions. All the questions are expected out of topics like the history of Canada, Politics, Economy, Geography, Laws, rights, and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen. 


Note: There is no test for English or French proficiency to obtain Citizenship. 


Contact our immigration consultants to know more about the test. 

All candidates waiting to take the citizenship test shall be notified by email. Those who did not receive invitations for the test will have to wait until the offline, in-person test is resumed at an unknown date.


Five Steps To Canadian Citizenship – Anyone Can Apply!

A candidate holding a Canadian permanent residence is certainly not the same as that of an individual having Canadian citizenship. 


There are primarily two things that an individual holding a Canada PR status cannot compete against an individual with Canadian citizenship. They cannot cast their right to vote or contest in the elections nor hold a high-level government post.


Canadian Permanent Residence Canadian Citizenship 
An individual holding Canada PR is a citizen of another country but a permanent residence of Canada.  Canadian citizenship allows its holders to become citizens of another country. 
Any foreign individual applying to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry Programs, Provincial Nominee Programs, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, Entrepreneur programs are eligible to get permanent residence status. A foreign individual can obtain Canadian citizenship by naturalization or by the virtue of holding Canada PR. 

CRS calculator

A new study named Canada as the most preferred destination for immigration. Once you have decided to migrate to Canada, all you have to do is follow the below steps to obtain citizenship: 



  • Fulfill the criteria for citizenship for naturalization which is 1,095 days out of the 5 years on a Canada PR visa. Once the foundation is laid, apply for the Canadian citizenship test and get a chance to attend a citizenship ceremony.


The introduction of the online testing system is part of Canada’s initiative to modernize the citizenship program. Canada has many such plans to welcome foreign skilled workers, entrepreneurs, students to apply for Canada PR in 2021 and beyond. 


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