Quebec Expression of Interest system to invite candidates soon

The Quebec Expression of Interest (EoI) system will start inviting candidates to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) in the coming weeks, it has been informed. The Quebec EoI system, named Arrima, already has around 115000 profiles registered with it, ever since it was launched in September 2018.

Quebec’s immigration ministry (MIDI) has announced: “From now on, the department will use a new system, which makes it possible to invite, as a matter of priority, a permanent selection request to those who best meet the needs of Québec.

“The minister will invite those who have filed a declaration of interest and who meet the conditions set out in the law to submit a request for permanent selection.”

In the initial rounds of invitation, priority will be given to those candidates who applied under the old system before August 2, 2018, and were living in Quebec when they submitted the application or when Bill 9 was passed. But the candidates need to fulfil the precondition that they must have submitted an Expression of Interest to Arrima.

Quebec Expression of Interest system

The Quebec Expression of Interest system is similar to the federal Express Entry system. The candidates interested in migrating to Quebec can submit Expressions of Interest. The EoIs are then ranked on the basis of certain eligibility factors.  The highest-scoring candidates are invited to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate in the draws that are conducted regularly. The profiles will remain valid for 12 months. In order to be considered for an invitation, the candidates must first submit an Expression of Interest in Arrima.

While selecting candidates, MIDI will give priority is given to those candidates who demonstrate the ability to integrate into the Quebec community faster. The applications for the Quebec Selection Certificate are classified under two categories–one is of candidates living in Quebec, have a job offer and meet specific criteria. The other is of candidates who live outside Quebec and meet other criteria.

The candidates who receive invitations from Quebec can submit the complete application within 90 days. Upon receiving the Quebec Selection Certificate, they can apply for Canadian permanent residence.

In the first quarter of 2019, Quebec reported the highest job vacancy rate among the provinces of Canada. For eligible candidates, Quebec is a land of vast opportunities. Contact us to explore your chances for Quebec migration.

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