Study Abroad Global Destinations Spurs Up With Canada, Australia, and The UK In The Lead

study abroad global

Things are changing post-pandemic. Canada is now facing stiff competition from advanced economies like the UK and Australia, especially in projecting themselves as one of the best study abroad global destinations.

Choosing the best university programs, exploring scholarships, etc. is just one aspect of researching popular study abroad global destinations like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, the USA, France, Germany, Poland, Malta, and Switzerland. As a study abroad aspirant, you must also think about the best immigration and settlement options after graduation.

With many immigration options for international students now open, interested candidates are most likely to get their choice of the study course and eventually, qualify for permanent residency status in Canada or Australia.

Australia and the UK Focuses on Work-Study Visa

The United Kingdom is luring international students to study in top institutions, especially in the field of medical science. Studying in the UK may qualify international students for the Post-Study Graduate Route that was introduced in 2021. It allows eligible graduates to stay back for up to 3 years after studying in the UK.

The UK may soon launch a special High Potential Individual (HPI) visa somewhere in the second quarter of 2022. The new visa pathway will be aimed at attracting high-skilled foreign university graduates – who will be allowed to work and stay in the UK for two or three years.

Australia is not far behind with flexible work visas for graduating students. Those studying in Australian institutions located in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane can get work visas for up to four years, depending on the degree – Undergraduate, Master, or Doctoral.

Students studying in other cities like Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra, can extend their work-study visa by up to 2 additional years based on their location and course of study!

Work-study visas are an excellent way to retain foreign skilled talent and also let them gain some local work experience. This is a great way to qualify for immigration, say permanent residence visas under the points-based immigration system.

Canadian Immigration Options for International Students

Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Program is one of the most popular immigration options for international students. It allows them to gain work experience and have a better chance at qualifying for permanent residency, especially through the Canadian Experience Class under Express Entry.

The Provincial Nominee Program is another significant immigration program for international students. There are dedicated provincial immigration streams from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Ontario that nominated international student graduates to apply for provincial nominations.

If you are in the Express Entry pool already, you may be invited to apply for a provincial nomination. Then if you get the nomination, it will mean you get 600 points added to your score and you will be able to apply for immigration as a PNP candidate!

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