Study Says that Immigrant-Owned Businesses Created a Huge Number of Jobs in Canada

Study Says that Immigrant-Owned Businesses Created a Huge Number of Jobs in Canada

New Study says that entrepreneurs who have come from other countries and started off with entrepreneurship activities in Canada were responsible for the release of a new study which brought to light that the Immigrant-owned businesses create a huge number of job opportunities between the years 2003 and 2013.

Canada has always been a place which embraces immigrants who could possibly contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy. Under the multiple immigration programs that Canada has for immigrants, the entrepreneur program pathway is for people who wish to immigrate to Canada and start off with business activity.

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The study states that the immigrant-owned businesses were responsible for creating 25 per cent of jobs during the 11 – year duration. This accounted for an approximate of 400,000 new jobs between the period 2003 and 2013. The study found out that private firms that are young created more employment opportunities than putting it down. In fact, private companies created more jobs than Canadian owned companies. Immigrant-owned companies that were less than four years seems to play a very important role in the employment section.

It is expected that the growing immigration activities will for sure be creating an additional number of employment opportunities in the years to come. The Canadian government with its plans to increase the number of immigration intake will without doubt pave the path for the increased employment opportunities. The study also brought out the fact that how important immigration is to the Canadian economy.

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