Atlantic Immigration Pilot Improves Short-Term Outcomes For Immigrants

AIP Boosts Immigrant Outcomes

In a new study conducted by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is found to be on the right track to help provinces on the eastern coast of Canada retain immigrants.

AIP Boosts Immigrant Outcomes

The AIP is mainly an employer-driven program that allows foreign talents to immigrate to the four Atlantic provinces without having to get the expensive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA). Atlantic Canada consists of provinces such as New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. 


The study reviewed the performance of AIP from its launch in March 2017 to the end of the 2019-2020 fiscal year and found positive short-term outcomes of immigrants who moved to Atlantic Canada under the AIP.


Improved Retention Rates In Atlantic Canada

Major reasons for immigrants to retain themselves in Atlantic Canada, even after two years of their stay were because:  


  • they liked their community, 
  • the cost of living was affordable, and 
  • they liked their job. 


About one-third of respondents also stayed with their family or friends in the province.


The survey also revealed the usefulness of specialized settlement plans meant for immigrants. However, most AIP principal applicants did not know they could access these services for free even though most employers said their organization provided settlement supports. 


Further, few respondents did not favor staying in Atlantic Canada mainly because of better pay and work opportunities in another province.


The report also read, “Retention rate in Atlantic Canada were slightly higher among female principal applicants (92%) compared to male principal applicants (89%).

AIP Boosts Immigrant Outcomes

Source: AIP Review Report


The representation above depicts the retention rates for immigrants in Atlantic Canada under various categories. While immigrants under “base” and “enhanced” Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) streams have shown above-average retention rates, the AIP proved to be significant in improving the positive short-term outcomes for immigrants. 


AIP is currently extended until December 2021 and may soon be converted into a permanent immigration program. Take this free assessment online to determine your unique eligibility based on your work profile. 


How Will Canada PNP Favour Immigrants In 2021?

Canada PNP is set to make a record in 2021 with over 80,000 allocations to be filled by various streams. January 2021 PNP nominations for permanent residence already issued over 13,000 invitations under specific Express Entry and provincial streams.  


Further, any new foreigner with adequate work experience and language proficiency can gain “Canadian experience” by qualifying for temporary visa options like AIP and qualify for Canada PR within 3 years. The “Canadian experience” would typically include work experience in any province, family ties in any province, or study/graduation from any provincial institution. 

AIP Boosts Immigrant Outcomes

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