How To Qualify For PR Under Canada PNP?

Canada PNP under PR

Canada has a vibrant job market that gives equal opportunities for foreign skilled workers and foreign entrepreneurs to work, grow & settle in the country. Historically, Canada has attracted a sizeable amount of economic-class immigration that included foreign skilled workers, entrepreneurs/investors along with their families to settle in the country. This explains why the country has been issuing nominations to apply for permanent residents (PR) through Express Entry & various Canada PNP at an unprecedented scale and consistently for more than a decade. 


The statistics show that since the launch of the Express Entry system in 2015, the number of new permanent residents in Canada has increased multiple times. Also, the entry of International students admitting to Canadian universities/colleges almost tripled during the last decade. 

With the introduction of the new Immigration Levels Plan, Canada will further target over 400,000 new immigrants annually till 2023. 

However, larger Canadian provinces such as British Columbia, Ontario, or Alberta have had a disproportionate advantage in welcoming such immigrants. With Canada’s need to overcome its demographic shock: aging population & low birth rate, it is even more dependent on immigration


Take this free online assessment to determine your eligibility under various Canadian immigration programs. 


Choose Canada PNP For Easy Immigration

One of the main objectives of Canada Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) is to encourage immigrants to settle in smaller provinces and move to less populated regions of the country. This has enabled smaller Canadian provinces such as Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan to easily meet their demographic and labor force needs. 

Further, over 80,000 new permanent residents are getting admitted annually through Canada PNP. These programs have come a long way since its inception in 1995, issuing just 200 nominations annually. 


Quick Glance At Applying For PR under Canada PNP
Step-1: Use PNP Finder Tool 

  • Choose a suitable province that matches require your job skills
Step-2: Assess Your Skills 

  • Gather all necessary documents such as language proficiency certificate, work experience certificate, a job offer (as applicable), proof of financial stability. 
  • Sometimes, it also essential to establish provincial ties* to be eligible to apply for nomination under any Canada PNP.  
Step-3: Submit your Expression Of Interest (EOI) Online

  • Most Canada PNP allows interested candidates to submit their EOI profiles for getting nominated at a later date. 
  • It is a good practice to get professional advice from an ICCRC-licensed immigration consultant before submitting online. 
Step-4: Wait For Nomination Draws

  • Most Canada PNP conducts regular nomination draws to invite eligible candidates to apply for a provincial nomination. 
  • Further, such candidates can also apply for Canada PR with the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) 


(*A provincial ties can be your family members staying in the province, or you may have graduated from any institution in the province, etc.) 


CanApprove has processed several applications of professionals working in the IT sector, Engineering field, Medical services, Senior-level managers in various fields, young Entrepreneurs for immigration under Canada PNP. 


After fulfilling the necessary residence, Canadian work experience requirements, they send in their application for a permanent residence to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) 


Here are some benefits of choosing Canada PNP for obtaining permanent residence in Canada: 


  • ‘Enhanced’ Canada PNP streams (programs that target a specific group of people) consider candidates registered in the federal Express Entry pool. 
  • Anyone with/without a job offer or no work experience in Canada can get a provincial nomination. 
  • Popularly known as the second-best alternative for Canada PR, after Express Entry.
  • Immense job opportunities for foreigners as provincial nominations are provided only when there is specific labor demand in the province. 
  • The entire process of getting a provincial nomination can be complete in less than six months. 
  • Moreover, a successful provincial nomination awards 600 additional points to the Express Entry candidate’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)  profile. invitation to apply for a permanent residence through Express Entry is guaranteed. 


2020 Canada PNP Highlights
Ontario Surpassed total provincial nominations with 8,050 nominations to apply for Canada PR in 2020 across all streams.
Alberta  The immigration intake in 2020 was at 4,000 nominations. The province would also launch two new immigration streams for international graduates. 
British Columbia The province performed exceedingly well by inviting about 9,000 candidates across all streams to apply for provincial nominations and eventually qualify for Canada PR. 

The province introduced a new regional pilot to attract business entrepreneurs with lower net worth and language proficiency requirements. 

Saskatchewan The province invited about 8,000 candidates across all streams to apply for Canada PR. 
Manitoba The province nominated 5,000 candidates across all streams to apply for Canada PR. 
Nova Scotia The province approved 3,517 applications for provincial nominations in excess of the allocated number. 


How Will CanApprove Assist You In Getting PR Through Canada PNP? 

All streams (immigration programs that target a specific group of people) under Canada PNP are classified with respect to the federal Express Entry system: ‘Enhanced’ stream (Express Entry-linked) and ‘Base’ stream (outside Express Entry).


The most possible reason could be because Express Entry is the flagship program for economic-class immigrants in Canada. 

CRS Calculator

All Canada PNP streams – International Graduates, Skilled Workers, Critical Workers, Business Entrepreneurs, etc. – are designed to attract immigrants of all skill levels. The unique arrangement with the federal and provincial/territorial governments gives full administrative autonomy to the provinces and territories.


CanApprove will ensure: 

  • Analysis of your work profile, interested and match it with suitable Canada PNP
  • Provide regular updates on specific labor demand in Canadian provinces
  • Documentation and legal compliance support for successful immigration to Canada
  • Necessary language proficiency training. 
  • Check the possibility of family immigration along with the primary skilled worker applicant
  • Business development planning, legal consultation, tax compliance planning, etc. for entrepreneurs. You may stay in touch with our Senior Business Development consultant to know more.  


Book your free consultation today and kick-start your immigration plans to Canada!


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