Trends Why International Students Are Thriving In Canada

A recent report from Statistics Canada outlines the performance of international students in Canadian Institutions in the period before forced online learning became the temporary alternative. It pegged the past enrolment rate in post-secondaries in Canada at three times the rate of domestic students. 


This meant an increase in the popularity of Canadian Institutions among aspiring students willing to study abroad. Here are some of the recent trends depicted in the report that would encourage international students to migrate to Canada soon. 


1)International student enrolments more than triple within a decade: If the figures were to be true, in a span of ten academic years from 2008 to 2018, enrolments for international students tripled from 101,000 to more than 318,000. 


This is to say that the coming years are no different as Canada is looking to welcome more immigrants including international students. 


2)STEM enrolments at an all-time high: Popularity among international students to take up courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) like computer and information sciences saw nearly 24.2% of more enrolments. The advancement of the digital economy in Canada will further witness more enrolment in Canadian colleges/universities and thus, more job opportunities for international students. 


 The report had also recorded a growth in business, management, and public administration programs lead by international students during the decade.  


3)Easy Canada PR option: International students not just contribute to the local economy but also serves as a large pool of highly educated people. Canada has done well to tap this pool by providing easy permanent residence options. The report highlighted that over 30% of international students who got Canadian bachelor’s degrees and almost 50% of international students who graduated with master’s degrees became permanent residents within 10 years after they got their first study permit.


Few immigration programs through which any recent graduate can qualify for permanent residence are Canadian Experience Class (CEC), dedicated streams under Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) from Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia. 

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In hindsight, even Canada needs to welcome a steady inflow of international students as they are known to have contributed about 40% of all tuition fees, or $4 billion across Canadian universities in the 2018 academic session. 


“Not only does international student tuition revenue contribution to the viability of some courses and programs, but international students also increase the social and cultural diversity of campuses,” read the said report from Statistics Canada.


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Other Economic-class immigrants including Skilled Workers especially in an occupation like IT, Finance, Accounting, Sales, Mechanical & Civil Engineering, Nurses have common or dedicated immigration programs. These programs fall under Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program pathways. 

Canada CRS point

There are equal immigration opportunities for Entrepreneurs via dedicated provincial programs & semi-skilled workers through Canada Employer Sponsorship Program. Even the public confidence in Canada to welcome more immigrants to rebuild the economy and society is at an all-time high. 


All these are to suggest even though travel restrictions still continue to extend upto January 21, next year, Canada aims to welcome 400,000 new immigrants annually till 2023. Contact CanApprove to determine your eligibility and to know your chances of immigration to Canada. 


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