Canadians believe immigration makes Canada a more diverse and multicultural country: Study

Canadians believe immigration makes Canada a more diverse and multicultural country: Study

Gauging the current public confidence in Canada about immigration, a new study gives away some positive outcomes. 

Canadians have become more open to immigration of foreign skilled workers and their families over the past year. They perceive the present high levels of economic immigration as an opportunity and not a threat to local Canadian jobs. In fact, they agree that permanent migration of foreign skilled workers and business entrepreneurs are important to increase population levels in Canada. 

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The recent public opinion survey on immigration was conducted by Environics Institute, a reputed social research non-profit organization. All the findings were based on telephonic interviews with 2,000 Canadians between September 8 and 23, 2020. 

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Economic Impact of Immigration

“Over 56% of respondents agree that Canada needs more immigration to increase its population …”

Most people from various Canadian provinces and territories have remained consistent with their responses over the years if not more have titled towards accepting immigrants in the country. The positive attitude shift among Canadian is mostly witnessed among Albertans, people with lower household incomes, and first-generation Canadians. 

“Close to 78% of Canadian reject the idea that immigrants take away jobs from other Canadians …” 

With Express Entry nomination draws expected to cross 100,000 invitations for Canada PR in 2020, more intake of immigrants can be expected in the following years. Most provincial nominee programs are meaning their actual annual allocations. More number of candidates are expected to receive provincial nominations in the coming years. 

“84% of Canadian agree that the economic impact of immigration is positive …”

The study has also accounted in the measures taken during the pandemic by the Canadian government and backlash from the neighbouring Trump administration which have only made Canada the No.1 preferred destination for skilled migrants, entrepreneurs, international students and their families. 

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