British Columbia PNP Changes Points System To Modify Point Allocations For Immigration Applicants

British Columbia PNP Changes Points System To Modify Point Allocations For Immigration Applicants

Soon as National Occupation Classification (NOC) 2021 came into force earlier this month, British Columbia PNP (BC PNP) modified its points system to reflect new NOC changes in inviting eligible candidates for provincial nominations. 

No points will be awarded to candidates’ skill levels instead human capital factors will now be assessed based on a TEER classification.

New NOC 2021 will affect the BC PNP intake of economic-class immigrants in the following way: 

  • The number of points assigned to human capital (skills, experience education, and competencies of the individual) and economic factors (job offer, income, district of employment) of applicants has increased
  • Additional points have been added for professional designations and language proficiency in both English and French;
  • Points have been added for previous experience working or studying outside of metropolitan Vancouver.

The total points available in the new BC PNP system is 220 (previous 200) and divided between human capital factors and economic factors. 

BC PNP New Points Allocation
Factors Scoring Area Previous Updated
Human Capital Factors Directly Related Work Experience 40 60
Highest Level of Education 25 40
Language Proficiency (English or French) 30 40
Economic Factors Hourly Wage of the B.C. Job Offer 50 55
Area within B.C. 10 25

How can Aspiring Candidates Qualify for BC PNP under Revised Points Allocation?

  1. Dual language proficiency recognized: A maximum score for language ability (30 points) can now be achieved with a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 9 in French or English as opposed to the previous 10. 

Candidates proficient in both English and French may receive an additional 10 points.

  1. Higher the income, the higher your points: A candidate with an annual salary of $145,000 would guarantee an applicant the maximum number of points in this category.

Aged aspirants are given preference under the new points allocation system. Additional 5 points are added for applicants aged 55 (previously 50).

  1. Get employed in the region outside Vancouver with specific skill: British Columbia wants to decongest the Vancouver area and offers a tiered number of points under the current scoring criteria 
  • 0 points for employment in the metro Vancouver district;
  • 5 points for employment in the Squamish, Abbotsford, Agassiz, Mission, and Chilliwack districts; and
  • 15 points, for any area in B.C. not already mentioned.

Candidates may now receive 10 additional points for specific regional education or work experience whereas unlike one year of any Canadian experience in the previous allocation. 

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Apply for Canada PR through BC PNP

The “two-step migration” process is now the preferable pathway for economic-class immigrants. 

Under this process, eligible candidates are required to apply for a temporary resident visa and gain work experience in Canada. Based on their Canadian experience, the federal government invites them to apply for permanent residence. 

Over the past decade, nearly 50 percent of the economic class immigrants receiving permanent residence in Canada came under provincial programs (PNPs and Quebec admissions) or the federal Canada Experience Class program. 

The provincial nomination from British Columbia is valid for approximately six months from the confirmation date. 

During this time period, you can apply with IRCC under the Provincial Nominee Class and receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence through fortnightly Express Entry nomination draws. 

As a provincial nominee, you may receive an additional 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of the Express Entry system. The high score will effectively guarantee an Invitation to Apply (ITA) during a subsequent federal Express Entry draw. 

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