British Columbia will need more workers for senior care

British Columbia

Experts in the field of healthcare are urging British Columbia government to update its immigration policies according to the growing demand for healthcare attendants to take care of the elderly. Susan Fox, a Canadian healthcare leader, has written in her column in the Times newspaper that British Columbia needs more healthcare attendants to provide quality healthcare to the aging population of the province.

Senior care is predicted to be the fastest-growing sector in the economy of British Columbia in the next five years. Around 17000 new jobs will be created in this sector during this period.

By the year 2030, one in four people in British Columbia will be above the age of 65. People here preferring to have fewer children will also affect the population growth of the province. In this demographic condition, there will be fewer young workers to take care of the elderly. The situation demands the government of British Columbia to change the immigration policies to admit more foreign workers for senior care.

Further, more people will be retiring from the workforce in British Columbia in the near future, which will worsen the labour scarcity problem. If the vacancies created by the retirements are not filled on time, it will lead to the remaining workers having an extra workload.

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The Conference Board of Canada has already expressed their opinion that Canada must use immigration to meet the labour demands of the province. The Advisory Council on Economic Growth also wants to increase the immigration numbers in order to meet the growing demand for skilled labour.

So the federal and provincial governments must work together to update immigration policy to ensure the availability of enough number of senior care professionals through immigration. Further, the governments must invest in immigration programs for facilitating HCA post-secondary training, speed up existing credential recognition and support immigrant integration.

If the British Columbia government decides to admit more healthcare workers to meet the growing demand, it will be a boon for the Canadian immigration aspirants who have relevant experience and qualifications.

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