Manitoba Funds New Settlement Services For Canadian Immigrants 

New Settlement Services

Manitoba will make new investments in settlement services for Canadian immigrants with an infusion of another $4 million to fund programs for newcomers. This is nearly double the amount it spent last year on the Newcomer Community Integration Support program. 

Manitoba records a five-year immigrant retention rate of 67.7 percent for immigrants who came to the province in 2015. This is much lower compared to Ontario’s 92 percent but conveniently higher than Prince Edward Island’s retention rate of 28 percent for the same year.

“Expanding the settlement services available to newcomers empowers them to more fully and successfully integrate into their new communities sooner, which has been shown to bolster immigrant retention rates,” believed Manitoba Immigration Minister Jon Reyes.
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In total, the Manitoba government is providing $7.1 million to Newcomer Community Integration Support Program (NCIS) program in the upcoming fiscal year including $3 million for Manitoba Start, $120,000 for Recognition Counts, and increased funding for Newcomer Community Connections Stream.

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General Settlement Services for Newcomers in Canada

To fulfill the objective of promoting the successful integration of permanent residents into Canada, the following types of services are offered to newcomers: 

  • Needs assessments help immigrants identify what services they need to know about Canadian society and how to get them. 
  • Information services supply information about securing life essentials such as housing, healthcare, social services, and transportation. It shares information with you on your rights and obligations. Even though most newcomers get information from their friends, these services are genuine sources of information. 
  • Language training helps immigrants develop language skills as it is a crucial area to immigrants’ success in Canada. 
  • Employment services help immigrants prepare for working in Canada. It provides information on specific settlement needs in career, education, language, social programming, finances, and more. It will also put you in touch with employment agencies and provide career search assistance.
  • Community services help immigrants meet friends and get involved in local activities. 
  • Support services referring to translation, child care, and transportation, assist in completing forms and applications, and others. 

Labour Market in Manitoba

Manitoba is one of the western provinces of Canada that is booming with new economic activities. The demography of the province is aging and the workforce is now more dependent on foreign skilled immigration due to a lack of native talents. 

Currently, Manitoba is expected to see a rising demand for Civil Engineers in the coming years and is equally open for other skilled occupations and entry of foreign immigrants with families.

In fact, the province welcomed 20,420 new permanent residents in the first 11 months of 2022, inviting 18 percent more than in 2019. Family sponsorships alone are expected to have helped 2,793 foreign nationals become permanent residents in Manitoba by the end of 2022. 

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