Quebec values test for immigration applicants from January 1, 2020

Quebec values test Jan1

From January 1, 2020 onwards, the new immigrants to Quebec will have to attend a Quebec values test to prove that they have enough knowledge about the distinct values of the province. The new immigrants have to appear for the test within two years before applying for permanent residence, according to Gazette of Quebec, the official publication of the Quebec government.

According to Quebec Premier François Legault, the test will not be much different from the one that already exists in Canada about knowing Canada. By introducing the Quebec values test, the province aims to ensure that those immigrants who wish to live there have good knowledge of the values of Quebec.

The test will include 20 multiple choice and true or false questions. An example of the questions given by Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette goes like this: “Since March 27, 2019, Bill 21, the secularism of the state, says every new police officer cannot wear religious symbols on the job. True or false?” The questions will be related to various topics such as Quebec democracy, francophone culture, secularism, rights and responsibilities and equality between men and women. The test has to be completed within 90 minutes and the candidate has to score at least 75 percent marks to qualify.

The candidates who pass the Quebec values test and meet other eligibility criteria will obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate with which they may apply for permanent residence in Canada. Children and applicants with a medical condition that prevents them from taking the test need not attend the Quebec values test.

The immigration candidates have a choice to either attend the test directly or enroll in a course pertaining to the values of Quebec, prescribed by the minister, before attending the test. If the candidate fails in the test, they have an option to reappear for the same after two weeks. But if they fail in the test again, they may enroll for the course before appearing for the test for a third time. If the candidate fails once again, they will have to resubmit the immigration application from the scratch.

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