Did You Know that Migrating to Australia Can be Done in Six Easy Steps!

Six Steps: Australia Migration

Are you still dreaming about migrating to Australia? Well, there could be only two possible excuses for not making your dreams come true! One is because you haven’t talked to the right immigration consultant yet. Two is, you have already assumed that the Australian Immigration process is quite difficult, and you do not want to proceed any further with it!

Well, to be frank, Australian Immigration involves procedures like documents processing, skills assessment & more which requires effort & knowledge to accomplish. But the point being, anything could be accomplished with a little proper effort and especially getting in touch with the right people could get it done in no time. Likewise, your immigration dreams to Australia could also come true provided you speak to the right immigration consultants!

Apart from the abundant reasons why you should be migrating to Australia (which by the way are plenty), here are the six steps which prove to you that Australian Immigration is not as difficult as you think!

Step 1: Checking Your Eligibility: –

Checking your eligibility is the first step to migrate to Australia. Any reliable immigration consultancy would first check your eligibility and make sure that you are eligible to migrate and only then would put your profile into the processing. Once you are considered eligible to migrate to Australia, you enter the next phase of processing.

Step 2: The Registration Phase: –

This is the part where you will be provided with a document checklist. Once the documents are ready, the same will be sent for notary attestation and your immigration consultancy will take you on board for the process.

Six Steps: Australia Migration

Step 3: Skill Assessment: –

Though your immigration consultant assures you that you are eligible to migrate to Australia, the Australian government checks whether your work experience and qualification meet the Australian Standard which is done by a relevant Australian authority.

Step 4: Expression of Interest: –

You can be relieved on entering this phase knowing that you got your skill assessment results back and now you can apply for an Expression of Interest. You will also have to attach your language proficiency results when you apply for an Expression of Interest. The Expression of Interest will be sent to the official Australian government site showing your interest to apply for an Australian Visa.

Step 5: Receiving an Invitation: –

All your efforts can be rejoiced and appreciated at this moment because you’ve received an Invitation to migrate to Australia which means your positive skills assessment has resulted in visa availability. All you have to do now is to appear for a medical examination and get a police clearance which is of course a walk in the park task!

Step 6: Getting Your Visa Stamped: –

The only remaining part is getting your visa stamped. Any reliable immigration consultancy would get your visa stamped on your behalf. But in some instances, you will have to visit your nearest embassy and get your visa stamped.

And that’s it! You are done with your procedures to migrate to Australia. Remember that there are a lot of immigration consultants who promote themselves as reliable immigration consultants. But it is you who have to be careful in choosing the right immigration consultant for your Australian Immigration procedure as this could create a great difference in the process!

Get in touch with our Australian Immigration Consultants if you are looking forward to migrating to Australia and get free counselling and an eligibility assessment!

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