5 Tips that Could Help You Create a Perfect Express Entry Profile!


We all know how the Express Entry System has created significant changes in the processing of applications. Since its introduction, the number of individuals who have immigrated to Canada has crossed millions and the number of profiles in the pool is gradually rising every year.

While we only get to hear the success stories of people who migrate to Canada under the Express Entry System, there are also people who were not able to make it through, the reason being their Express Entry profiles were not capable enough to meet the Canadian standards. It is important that you understand that an Express Entry Profile acts as your “one-way ticket” to migrate to Canada and therefore, you have to take utmost care when creating your Express Entry Profile. Giving in the room for even the tiniest flaw in your Express Entry Profile & losing possible chances to increase your Express Entry CRS scores could delay your immigration process and sabotage your career plans all the way.

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In order to increase your possibilities to migrate to Canada and to create a perfect Express Entry Profile, we suggest that you consider the below-mentioned tips when creating your Express Entry Profile:

The Initial Eligibility Assessment Plays a Significant Role: –

The common misconception that is being carried by most of the immigration aspirants is, the initial eligibility assessment is just a formality and it has nothing serious to do with the immigration process. If you are willing to migrate to Canada and you have the same kind of perspective, then you are completely wrong! The Initial Eligibility Assessment is where you get a clear understanding of your eligibility to migrate to Canada, making the overall process easier and more efficient. So, make it a point that you provide detailed information that could help you create a perfect Express Entry Profile and as well as boost your CRS scores!

Try Improving Your Educational Qualifications: –

The Canadian government gives high value to education and for this reason, you get high CRS scores added to your Express Entry profile. An individual who has graduated from high school will only get 30 CRS points whereas a PhD holder gets 150 points for his/her education credentials. If PhD is not an option for you, try pursuing a Master’s Degree which could help you gain additional CRS points for your Express Entry Profile.

Apply at the Right Time for a Higher Human Capital Ranking: –

Under the several categories, the Express Entry System has, Human Capital Ranking is one important category that is looked upon as a way to increase your CRS scores. Under this category, you will be assessed on four factors namely Age, Level of Education, Language Proficiency & Canadian Work Experience.

While the points for the factors Education, Language Proficiency & Canadian Work Experience can be increased, points for age depreciates over time. An individual can get a maximum of 110 points if he/she is aged between 20 & 29. Once when he/she crosses the specified age limit, the points start to decrease gradually, leaving no points for this factor on reaching 46. So, it would be wise if you create your Express Entry Profile at the earliest by balancing every other important factor to gain the maximum possible points.

Language Proficiency Could Be of Great Use: –

Language Proficiency is an important factor that helps you to make your Express Entry Profile even more competitive. The country is looking for people who have high occupational skills and at the same time for an individual who has high language proficiency in either of the Canadian languages that could make them adapt to the Canadian environment with ease.

Try increasing your IELTS score by retaking exams with proper & guided training from the experts. It is advised to take IELTS exams seriously because there have been instances where even native English speakers were not able to procure good scores due to a lack of preparation. Obtaining a good IELTS score can help you gain an added leverage to your Express Entry Profile.

Grab the Additional Points: –

With your profile in the Express Entry Pool, you should be taking every possible effort from your side to increase your Express Entry CRS Scores. The additional points are something that the candidate can get if they have any of the below mentioned:

  • A Sibling living in Canada
  • French Language Proficiency
  • Post-Secondary Canadian Education
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Arranged Employment

The above-mentioned factors can help you gain up to 600 additional Express Entry CRS Scores which would increase your possibility to receive an ITA.

Creating a successful & perfect Express Entry profile is the first step that would help you to migrate to Canada. Remember, “the higher the CRS scores you have & the more perfect your Express Entry Profile is, the higher are your chances to migrate to Canada”. So, it is important that you get in touch with the best immigration consultants for your Canadian immigration. If you are looking forward to migrating to Canada, get in touch with our team of experts and check your eligibility for free!

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