Why is Canada Considered as an Ideal Place for Skilled Workers?

Reports state that nearly 25% of workers in Canada are immigrants and that’s kind of definitely huge for a country that has an approximate population of 37 million. The reason why one-quarter of the Canadian workforce are immigrants can have two explanations. One is the skilled labour shortage that Canada has been and still facing, and the second is the benefits that the country offers to its skilled workers. Canada is one of the happiest countries in the world to live & reside and it’s no doubt that Canadian Skilled Workers live an ecstatic life with the abundant benefits & the ideal conditions that the Canadian government & provinces offer. Listed below are some of the several reasons that makes Canada an ideal place for skilled workers!

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The Increasing Need for Skilled Workers:

Every country’s economy is highly dependant on the skilled workforce it has, and Canada is no exception to this rule. Canada has ten provinces and three territories, and every province has its own labour requirements & shortages that it needs to overcome to help the economy surge in the right direction. This therefore creates & introduces a situation where the country will have to welcome skilled immigrants from all parts of the world, giving them an opportunity to contribute to the economic growth and make a living for themselves!

The Perfect Work-Life Balance: –

Recent studies reveal that Canadian skilled workers find their work-life balance improved when compared to the last three years. Approximate 72% of skilled workers (both male & female) revealed that their work-life balance was excellent. With several organizations that understand & recognize the needs of the employees, moving to Canada is definitely a worthy plan to be carried out.

The Canadian Wages: –

Canada is one of the countries in the North American region that gives its workers the best salary. The average salary for a Canadian worker has been increasing steadily since the year 2013 and as of April 1st, 2018, the average hourly earnings in Canada is CAD $ 28.94 which makes Canada one of the highest paying countries in the world.

The Irresistible Employee Benefits: –

Immigrating to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker introduces you to a diverse range of benefits that could create a huge difference to you & your family. On becoming a Canadian Skilled Worker, you get to enjoy benefits like free healthcare, maternity leaves & parental benefits, financial support during the unexpected loss of jobs & more. The country makes sure that it provides maximum support to its skilled workers, giving them every possible opportunity to make their lives better!

The Pathway to Citizenship: –

Becoming a Canadian citizen is one of the most prized possessions that you obtain by immigrating to Canada. It is quite obvious that as a skilled worker, you will be immigrating under the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program and you are already a Permanent Resident Visa holder. On completing your stay requirements & other mandatory conditions under the Canadian PR, you become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Canada, as a country that has been planning to increase its immigration during the upcoming years, is an ideal place for skilled workers who look forward to making their lives better at every possible instance. The above-mentioned are very few of the abundant reasons stating as to why Canada is considered as an ideal place for skilled workers! Maybe, you too can migrate to Canada as a skilled worker and enjoy the benefits that you deserve!

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