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Post Landing in Canada – A general guide!

Canada – The Great White North is an alluring country in North America and importantly is one of the most preferred countries on the planet for people aspiring to settle in an all-new country. If you are very determined about migrating to Canada, then the next couple of minutes will be an icebreaker for you to know the ins and outs of post landing process in Canada.


Canada migration process can be classified into 2 parts,

1. Pre-landing Process

2. Post-landing Process

Even though this blog is about the post-landing process in Canada, let me give you a heads up about what are the pre-landing services.

Post Landing in Canada

Canada Migration – Pre-landing

Pre-landing Canada migration process includes everything that we do before landing in Canada.

Processes such as,

1. Immigration counselling

2. Determining your eligibility points of 67

3. Creating Express Entry Profile

4. Calculating your CRS score

5. Performing documentation

6. Applying for Nomination Programs, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trade Program or so

7. Completing the application

8. Getting nominated or getting an invitation from the IRCC.

9. Police Clearance and Health insurance

10. Stamping your visa upon getting invitation

11. Booking flight tickets

Come under the umbrella of pre-landing Canada immigration processes.

If you don’t have much idea of the “how-about” of Pre-Landing Migration process to Canada, CanApprove will help you!!

Now, let’s delve into the post-landing process after migrating to Canada!

The prelanding part is only 50 percent of successfully migrating to Canada and the other 50 percent lies in the post landing process.

As the name implies, post-landing process is what all you must do after landing in Canada.

Here is a Canada post-landing checklist which will help you with the know-hows of what to do after landing in Canada.

Post Landing in Canada


Immigration and Travel Documents:

1. Ensure you have your valid passport, visa, and any other relevant immigration documents.

2. Complete a customs declaration form on the plane.

Arrival at the Airport

1. Follow the signs to Immigration and Customs.

2. Be prepared for an interview with a Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer.

Getting to Your Destination:

Arrange transportation to your final destination, whether it’s a hotel, temporary accommodation, or your permanent address.

Find Accommodation:

If you haven’t already secured housing, start looking for a place to stay and then you can search for rentals online or consult with local real estate agents.

Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN):

You will need a SIN to work in Canada. You can apply for one at a Service Canada office.

Health and Safety:

1. Canada has a public healthcare system. You should apply for a health card from your province or territory.

2. Familiarize yourself with emergency services and healthcare facilities in your area.

Bank Account and Identification:

Open a bank account if you haven’t already and get a Canadian driver’s license or other identification if needed.

Explore Your Community:

Familiarize yourself with the local area, services, and amenities available. Join community groups or forums to meet people and get advice.

Legal Matters:

Familiarize yourself with Canadian laws, rights, and responsibilities.

Cultural Adjustment:

Be patient with yourself during the adjustment period. Learning about Canadian culture and customs can help ease the transition.

The above discussed are some of the basic to-dos after landing in Canada as an immigrant and if you are perplexed about the Canada post-landing procedures, CanApprove is right here for you.

Post-Landing Services offered by CanApprove.

CanApprove post landing services for Canada migration aspirants include,

1. Assistance with landing movement

2. Airport Pickup

3. Document Check at The Airport

4. Direction to your location

5. Insurance related assistance

6. Travel Card Acquisition

Health and Support

1. Health card application

2. Assistance to get your SIN – Social Insurance Number which is mandatory for a foreign person in Canada.

3. Guidance on managing your finances.

We have been providing immigration and overseas education services successfully since 1998 for numerous abroad aspirants. You will have it all covered from pre-landing services to post-landing services included in the work process of CanApprove. Our immigration coordinator is just a click away!

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