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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a speech in Ottawa to mark the 156th Canada Day

On the 1st of July 2023, Canada celebrated its 156th birthday! As the day commemorates the anniversary of the Constitution Act that integrated 3 territories into one nation Canada in 1867.

Canadians celebrate this day with gratitude by looking back on its history, values, progression, and its achievements.

This day is celebrated with a lot of fireworks, parades, events, street parties, barbecues, and many more. Some of the highlights that happened during Canada Day are given here for you.

The Calgary Stampede

One of the most popular festivals in Canada. During the Calgary Stampede, a rodeo show takes place as a major part of Calgary’s cultural identity. The Calgary Stampede attracts millions of tourists and visitors. It takes place for 10 days of rodeos, parades, agricultural competitions, races, parties, and concerts at the stampede grounds.

Richmond Night Market

The Richmond’s Night Market is an annual night market held every year in Richmond, British Columbia. This is North America’s largest night market that happens every weekend during summer from April until October. The theme for this year is Summer Wonderland and there will be over 600 international food items from almost 110 stalls and food trucks.

The Canadian National Exhibition

The Canadian National Exhibition happens in Toronto. This annual event is also called “The Ex” and takes place during the last two weeks in August. This exhibition is one of Canada’s largest annual affairs and consists of over 1.4 million visitors. In this exhibition, many engineers, agriculturists, and scientists represent their country by exhibiting their discoveries. It also includes food stalls, sporting events, a casino, live entertainment, and a carnival with rides.

Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival

Newfoundland and Labrador celebrates the 47th annual Folk Festival this year. This festival is happening on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of July 2023. The Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival invites audiences to Bannerman Park in St. John’s for music, food, and crafts. This festival happens every year with different themes.

The theme for this year will be “Everything that’s old is new again”. This year, the festival plans to bring back culture and traditions from the past. It also brings on new ones to celebrate the unique heritage and history of the province.

PM Justin Trudeau Delivers a Speech on Canada Day 2023

Canada Day 2023

As a part of the celebration, seventeen new Canadians swore oaths of citizenship at a special citizenship ceremony. Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered the Canada Day speech referencing the fact that Canada’s population recently passed 40 million. Trudeau quoted, “ Given the citizenship ceremony we just had, we’re now at least 40 million 17…”

The PM had also mentioned issues faced by Canada including natural disasters, climate change, the war in Ukraine, and the rise in prices. Trudeau said, “ But no matter the challenges we face, we will get through it the same way we always do- by staying true to our values.”  he also added, “ Values like justice, openness, and democracy. That’s Canada’s advantage in the world, now more than ever.”

Celebrations in Canada go up to late evenings that also include performances from several Canadian artists from across the country, including Jann Arden, Roxane Bruneau, Preston Pablo, Tegan and Sara, Dear Rouge, Madison Violet, Josh Q, and many more. If you want to be one of those people who want to experience one of the world’s greatest happenings, Connect with CanApprove!