Key Changes Made in Provincial Nominee Program During 2018 Will Create Impact this Year

Key Changes Made In Provincial Nominee Program

The Canadian Provincial Nominee Program is considered as one of the major immigration programs that played a prominent role in meeting the immigration targets for the year 2018. The Canadian provincial nominee program is also expected to play an even more important role this year.

The Provincial Nominee Program allows the Canadian provinces to nominate a certain number of potential immigrants to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence every single year. An individual having obtained a provincial nomination certificate from one of the participating provinces & territories will gain an additional 600 CRS score which improves & guarantees their chance of getting a Canadian Permanent Residence.

The year 2018 had a combined 34,700 nominations by the nine provinces and two territories which was an increase by 1,300 nominations when compared to the year 2017. Though the number of allocations that are about to happen through PNP is expected to rise this year, the numbers have not yet been released.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada stated that the Provincial Nominee Program has shown exponential growth since its introduction during the year 1996 and the admission through the Provincial Nominee Program for this year is projected to grow to 61,000 new permanent residents and reach a huge 71,300 by 2021.


Ontario, one of the most popular Canadian provinces has set records by having an individual PNP allocation of 6,850 towards the year-end. It is expected to be even bigger this year since the province has requested 7,600 nominations from IRCC.

Ontario’s decision to consider candidates who have at least 400 CRS points will improve the performance of Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. The decision was reflected in the final three invitation rounds of the year 2018 where the CRS scores were as low as 350 for candidates who had a job offer in the province.


Manitoba operates similar Expression of Interest System where the interested applicants should submit an Expression of Interest under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program after which the profiles will be given scores based on factors like education, work experience & more, allowing the highest-ranking candidates to apply for a provincial nomination.

Saskatchewan’s Expression of Interest System

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program aims to create strong economic outcomes and long-term retention for candidates who are invited to apply. Saskatchewan’s new Expression of Interest System and its introduction led to the draws at least once a month. Similar to the other EOI systems, the human capital factors like education, work experience are emphasized and given points accordingly. Interested candidates should register a separate Expression of Interest Profile with the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

Prince Edward Island Gives a New Look to its Provincial Nominee Program

Prince Edward Island has been welcoming candidates from the Express Entry Pool even though they do not have an employment offer in the province. But still, priority is given to people who currently live & reside in Prince Edward Island. PEI has also been contacting individuals who seem to be an ideal match for the labour market though they haven’t registered an EOI with the province.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s Labour Market Priorities Stream was the third Express Entry Linked Stream that was created in 2018. This particular stream allows NSNP to look for potential candidates within the Express Entry Pool and select people who have work experience in categories the province faces labour shortages.

The Canadian provinces and the Canadian Government is keen on welcoming immigrants to the country and every possible measure is being taken to ensure the welcoming of immigrants. To know more about the Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs and to check your eligibility to migrate to Canada for free, get in touch with us now!

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