2019 Bringing Some Major Changes to Australian Visas

Major Changes to Australian Visas

Australia’s annual immigration intake has gained much traction among the Australian political circle and has come up with the decision that immigration intake could be slashed but more opportunities will be provided in regional Australia for migrants.

The Australian Government has also decided to bring in some changes to its immigration programs & plans. Mr Coleman, the Australian Immigration Minister said that necessary steps & improvements are being made to immigration program which eventually could fill the employment vacancies in the regional areas.

Sponsored Family Visas Get a New Sponsorship Framework

The new sponsorship framework has brought into existence a two-step application process. The steps basically being an assessment of the sponsors and after which the lodging of visa application takes place. This was basically aimed to safeguard family members especially children & wedded partners. It is expected that there will have to be an approximate of a 3 month wait period while the sponsor is being approved before applying for the visa.

Australia is Going to Cut Permanent Immigration Intake

Since the year 2011, Australia’s annual permanent immigration intake level has been set to 190,000 and there have been no changes since then, though the intake level the previous year was only 162,000 and the family & the skilled visas had to face the cut. The Prime Minister shared his views that the states and the territories should be playing a major role in deciding the immigration count for their respective areas.

New Parents Visa is About to Available in 2019

Parents of migrants get to stay in Australia with the new temporary sponsored parent visa. This visa allows individuals who are parents of immigrants to stay for a period of five years in Australia. Immigrants can get to choose between the three-year visa and the five-year visa which comes at a cost of $5000 & $10,000 respectively. The sponsors should have to make sure that their parents have health insurance and do not have any debts and should act as financial guarantors. It should be noted that immigrant couples can sponsor only one set of parents for this particular visa.

Business Visas that Doesn’t Require Any Evidence of Investment

The Australian Government has taken necessary measures to boost the economy of the country and this special visa stands as proof for that. This visa won’t require any capital plans to be explained and allows the visa holders (The Federal Government Endorsed-Subclass 408) to reside in Australia for a period of three years with their families.

The Australian Government is taking the necessary measures which would make immigration easier for potential candidates from all parts of the world. To know more about Australian immigration programs & how to migrate to Australia, get in touch with our team of experts.

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