How To Find a Job in Your Profession in Canada?

Canada Immigration News

Canadian immigration is becoming increasingly simple and any foreigner with desirable work experience and language proficiency may qualify for permanent residence (PR). Canadian immigration is also unique because it allows eligible foreigners to directly or indirectly apply for PR. 

Canada immigration news
While the federal immigration program called the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) facilitates direct Canada PR, popular programs admission programs like Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) targets eligible former temporary foreign workers to apply for Canada PR. 

The share of immigrants admitted through the FSWP decreased from an average of 29% over the 2010 to 2014 period to 22% over the 2015 to 2018 period. At the same time, the share of those admitted within the provincial programs (PNP and QSWP together) remained at 46%, and those landing via CEC increased from 8% to 19%. 

While immigration to Canada does not require a prior job offer, having one will necessarily boost your chances of qualification. Here in this blog, we will discuss how to find a job in your profession in Canada. 

Top Occupations in Canada for Foreign Skilled Workers

Depending on your academic background and relevant work experience elsewhere, the Canadian job market is wide open to foreign skilled workers. 

Healthcare: Healthcare is a regulated profession in Canada. You will need to apply and obtain a license before you can practice in Canada. Job opportunities in healthcare also vary across the province, with major demand from Nova Scotia, Manitoba, British Columbia. It is important to decide which province is right for you before pursuing accreditation. Provinces vary on their demand for healthcare workers and have different credential programs. 

Get in touch with our expert consultants to find health careers throughout Canada. 

Demand For Healthcare Workers Has Only Increased In Recent Years. Read our full analysis here

IT: A career in Informational Technology (IT) can span across areas like Development, Project Management, and Quality Assurance.  IT careers can mean that you are specializing in areas like development, project management, and quality assurance. The Canadian province of Ontario, Quebec welcomes a major part of foreign skilled immigrants having prior experience in IT every year. There are wide options for both short-term contracting and full-time in these regions. 

Get in touch with our expert consultants to find IT careers throughout Canada. 

Financial Services: To build a career in retail banking or securities trading, a Canadian securities course certification can help secure a job. Interested in working at leading institutions in Canada? We can help you. Book your appointment with us today. 

Additionally, Canada offers special bridging programs for direct immigrants in Canada who do not have any prior Canadian work experience. Bridging programs are nothing but special educational programs for internationally trained professionals to make them accustomed to Canadian work culture and way of life. 

There are bridging programs available for several different professions, from accounting to optometry. Direct PR immigrants looking to find employment in a field that requires licensing or credentials will find more success if they go through a bridging program.

Why Contact CanApprove? 

The Canadian government recommends all immigrant aspirants directly apply for immigration through the government portal. However, looking at the magnanimity of the situation, Canada recognizes registered immigration consultants spread across the globe to assist aspirants to apply for Canadian immigration, without falling into the hands of immigration frauds. 

Veronica Moye, the President of CanApprove is a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (ICCRC License #R422511) and a licensed education & legal consultant. Various services by CanApprove are: 

  • Resume writing help and review
  • Language assessment and classes
  • Job search assistance
  • Interview practice

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Take this free assessment to determine your eligibility for Canadian immigration. Book your free appointment to talk to our consultants. 

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