Non-Disclosure Of Information Can Affect Your Chances Of Immigration

How misrepresenting information can affect your immigration chances to

Who says an application for Immigration cannot be filled by self? 


Of course, it can. Perhaps, you should. But there’s an obvious problem. 


The applicants need to go through every rule/regulation, predict one’s chances, pick the right visa category, all for a quick approval. However, a recent ruling passed by the Federal Court of Canada highlights the severe consequences of giving false or incomplete information when submitting an immigration application.


The court said, “If a person makes such a mistake, s/he has to give a credible explanation for it. If the individual does not, s/he can be subject to a five-year ban on applying for any kind of status in Canada.”


Are you worried yet? 


How to confirm if you have fully disclosed all the required information? 


Real Case-Study


Ms. Carmen Muniz, a Mexican national, migrated to Canada in 2013 on a visitor visa. She would later go on to extend her stay in Canada through a series of the visitor, work, and study permits. Around 2019, she applied for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) to allow her to remain in Canada. 


Taking note of all these is Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The officer-in-charge there rejected her applications, apparently, because they had concerns Ms. Muniz would leave Canada at or before the expiration of her authorized stay.


On learning about this refusal, Ms. Muniz then applied instead for an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). However, she is said to have answered negatively to the questionnaire that asks whether a person has ever been refused entry to, or extension of, one’s time in Canada (or any other country), or ever been asked to leave. 


But naturally, IRCC reacted to her negative reply and noted that Ms. Muniz may be found inadmissible for failing to declare material information on her application. IRCC also refuted her claim sent later the same day, confirming that she had indeed been refused a PGWP. She also explained that she did not intend to lie, but had misunderstood the question.


Further, IRCC concluded that Ms. Muniz had committed misrepresentation and was therefore inadmissible to Canada for a period of five years.


Although Ms. Muniz took her appeal for judicial review, the federal court upheld the decision of IRCC. 


Read more about the case (Muniz v. Canada (M.C.I.), 2020 FC 872 by clicking here


The Bottomline – Mistakes Matter


The case in point shows the importance of providing accurate and complete answers when seeking an immigration benefit in Canada. Even though you have an excellent prior record of compliance, one case of false information can lead to inadmissibility. 


While the case in point is that of immigration laws in Canada, this can be held true by the immigration law of any country. 


As the Court put it, “Applicants cannot rely on the immigration system to catch their errors.” Thus, you must not misrepresent or fail to disclose any important information on your application, leaving your fate hanging to the immigration system. 


In order to avoid such mistakes and put your time to more productive use, you can seek help from experienced immigration consultants to get your visa approved without any complications. 


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