5.6 lakh job vacancies reported in Canada during third quarter of 2019

Jobs in Canada

Canada has in store a lot of job opportunities for skilled foreign workers and if you are looking for a great career and better living standards in a foreign country, Canada is the right destination for you. The new figures released by Statistics Canada show that a total of 562900 new job vacancies were reported in Canada during the third quarter of 2019. This marks a 2.2 percent rise in the number of job vacancies, compared to the same period in the previous year. The year-over-year increase in the number of job vacancies in Canada in the year 2019 is 12200.

The provinces and territories that reported the highest number of job vacancies are Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Yukon. In terms of industries, the highest increase in vacancies was recorded by retail trade and healthcare sectors.

In Newfoundland, job vacancies recorded 20.4 percent year-on-year increase in the third quarter of 2019. In other words, a total of 800 more job vacancies were reported here compared to the previous year. This is the sixth consecutive quarter in which a year-over-year growth in job vacancies is being recorded by Newfoundland.

The number of job vacancies rose by 16.2 percent in Nova Scotia, which means a total of 1900 vacancies. Retail trade, healthcare and social assistance sectors recorded the highest number of vacancies in the province.

In Quebec also, the increase in job vacancies during this period was 16.2 percent, or a total of 19,100 vacancies. Almost half of these were recorded in sectors including retail trade and health care and social assistance.

The retail trade sector recorded 9,400 more job vacancies this year, compared to 2018. Healthcare and social assistance sector was another one that recorded a remarkable growth in the number of job vacancies with an increase by 2,800.

Another relevant trend in the job sector reported in 2019 is that in the case of more than half of all the vacancies recorded this year, employers depended on social media to recruit employees. In 2015, only one third of vacancies were filled through social media.

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