ANALYSIS: Canada may continue to maintain high immigration levels

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Several immigration expert sources confirm the need for Canada to maintain immigration levels above pre-COVID plan. It would now mean targeting upto 341,000 new immigrants or even more in 2021. 

But the pandemic broke at a time when Canada was determined to offset the negative economic impact of its aging demography and low birth rate. As evidently clear as a crystal, the annual target to welcome 341,000 new immigrants in 2020 stands unmet. However, 

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“A new report from Bloomberg confirms that Canada is still aiming for high immigration levels despite the ongoing travel ban.”


This has been made possible through exuberate nominations for permanent residence from Express Entry draws and various Provincial Nominee Program draws. Infact, another study by state department IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) new study by Mendicino’s immigration department shows that immigrants who have recently arrived to Canada as skilled workers are performing superbly in the labour market. 

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Immigration still a better option with weak economy and high unemployment in Canada

Canada may continue to maintain high immigration levels for the following reasons pointed out by one Canada immigration expert who writes for CICnews.com: 

  • Pandemic has not changed the fact that Canada’s population is still aging and still has a low birth rate. Only solution left is to increase both economic and family immigration levels. 
  • Government debt is on a rise to mitigate the effects of pandemic. On this account, welcoming more immigrants, say skilled workers/entrepreneurs/international students will be crucial to support the economic revival plans to service the debt in future.
  • Even though the unemployment levels are high, it is just a transitory phase. Infact, immigration stimulates job creation as newcomers spend money to get themselves established in Canada.

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It is also expected for the officials to come good on the market prediction by this weekend with the unveiling of the revised Immigration Plan

Till then, stay tuned on this page for the further updates on Canada Immigration! 

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