Canada Becomes More Popular Destination For Immigrants Over The Past Five Years: Gallop Polls

Canada Becomes More Popular Destination For Immigrants Over The Past Five Years: Gallop Polls

Canada and its liberal immigration policies have yet again been recognized at a global level. For the first time, a recent poll by Gallop has polled Canada as the second most popular destination for potential newcomers after the United States.  

Gallup, Inc. is an American analytics and advisory company and is widely known for conducting public opinion polls. 

The poll noted that nearly 900 million worldwide wanted to migrate in 2021. Out of which 8% of potential migrants, or about 74 million people worldwide, preferred Canada as their first choice option for immigration. 

While Canada has become a more popular destination for immigrants over the past five years, the percentage of migrants willing to prefer other countries like Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan was between 3-7%.

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Why is Canada Targeting More Foreign-Skilled Immigrants? 

Canada has a long history of immigration and it was given a boost with the coming of the Express Entry system in 2015 and dedicated provincial streams aligning with it thereafter. It was now possible for foreign skilled workers to gain permanent residence in Canada without a job offer or Canadian work experience. 

Three main factors contributing to rising of foreign immigration in Canada include the labor skill gap, aging demography, and low birth rate.  

Canada’s labor force growth is almost 100% dependent on the skilled immigration of foreigners. Canada has currently posted nearly one million job vacancies and a shortage of skilled labor across economic sectors. 

Additionally, nine million Canadians are expected to reach the retirement age of 65 by 2030, shifting the worker-to-retiree ratio from 7:1 (50 years ago) to 2:1 by 2035. 

Further, Canada is experiencing one of the lowest global birth rates at 1.4 children per woman and is looking to boost its population through the settlement of foreign skilled workers who can contribute positively to the economy and society. 

Therefore, Canada is heavily investing in increasing the population by incentivizing the settlement of foreign skilled workers permanently across Canada. In fact, the 2021 Census on immigration confirmed 23% of Canada’s population is or has been, a landed immigrant or permanent resident of the country and it is projected to reach 34% by 2041. 

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The poll notes that there is a difference between respondents who would like to leave their home country and those who do so. Many people who would like to immigrate are hampered by circumstances such as finances, family, and job opportunities and are never able to leave their country.

Nonetheless, Canada is witnessing a huge influx of immigrants in Canada over the past few years. The country has even set an ambitious target of welcoming over 800,000 economic-class immigrants in the next three years. Now is a good time to plan your immigration to Canada. 

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