Canada Witnesses A Strong Hiring Climate and A Return To Pre-COVID Economic Performance

Canada Witnesses A Strong Hiring Climate and A Return To Pre-COVID Economic Performance

The increase in payroll employment during November 2022 suggests a strong hiring climate in Canada. The sectors which recorded the biggest gains in payroll employment in November 2022 included:


  • Professional scientific and technical services (+5,600 positions)
  • Public administration (+4,800 positions)
  • Finance and insurance (+4,700 positions)
  • Construction (+4,300 positions)

In total, payroll employment (the number of employees receiving pay or receiving benefits from their employer) saw improvements across 10 out of 15 sectors in November 2022. 

An increase in payroll employment is a good indication that businesses are pushing a lively hiring climate and Canada is returning to pre-COVID economic performance. This is expected to open up new opportunities for newcomers to identify which kinds of businesses are experiencing surges in hiring and plan their immigration to Canada.

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Canada Continues to Face Labor Shortage

Despite strong growth in payroll employment in November 2022, Canada still faces a high number of job vacancies across multiple sectors. Even though Canada saw a decrease of 151,900 job openings since the record high of 1 million vacancies seen in May of 2022, the job market still suffers from an increased number of job vacancies. 

Despite increased payroll hiring, highest performing sectors like Healthcare and social assistance, Construction, Professional, scientific, and technical services continue to face skilled labor demand shortages. 

Experts believe that Immigration will be crucial to address these labor shortages, as Canadian demographics currently cannot support filling current job vacancies. 

The government is already working in this direction with the ascension of Bill C-19 which would allow IRCC to welcome eligible foreign workers in the federal Express Entry pool based on specific criteria such as the occupations, education, or language ability of candidates) and issue invitations to apply (ITAs) for Canadian permanent residence. 

Learn more about provincial nominee programs are welcoming foreign skilled workers with experience in targeted occupations: 

  1. Nova Scotia Announces Special Program To Welcome Internationally-Trained Doctors
  2. Newfoundland & Labrador Recruits Physicians & Nurses From Ireland
  3. Presence of Family Relatives In Alberta Can Fetch You Invitations Under Alberta Express Entry
  4. New Brunswick Announces Immigration Pilot To Address Shortage Of Critical Workers 
  5. “Study and Succeed In New Brunswick” Launched To Increase International Student Retention
  6. How Is Labor Shortage In Northwest Territories Encouraging Immigration Of Nurses To Canada?
  7. British Columbia Faces Historic Skilled Labor Demand For Nurses

How to Plan your Canadian Immigration? 

Canadian immigration is no longer an exercise aimed at boosting CRS scores. Aspirants with the required skills must good use of the new opportunity by filling out their applications in a very careful manner under the professional guidance of a certified immigration consultant. 

CanApprove is CICC registered with over 25+ years of experience in immigration and overseas education consultancy. Apart from genuine documentation, you may consult us if:

  • you’ve been rejected previously 
  • you have a potential medical inadmissibility concern 
  • you’re applying through a complex immigration program  
  • you wish to ignore tedious documentation 
  • you may have a unique case in hand. 

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