Economic Recovery in Canada means brighter prospects for Immigration

Economic Recovery in Canada means brighter prospects for Immigration

Canada is one of the few countries that is recording a faster economic recovery since the coronavirus pandemic was first declared in March. 

Good news is that nearly 55% of jobs lost due to worldwide travel restrictions have been recovered as of June. The latest Canada Jobs Labour Force Survey shows a rise in employment by 418500 in the month of July while the unemployment rate dropped to 10. 9%. The province-wise data is even more encouraging as nine Canadian provinces recorded new jobs in the month of July. Ontario emerged as the biggest facilitator with 151000 new jobs followed by higher gains in British Columbia and Alberta. Almost all the provinces now record a healthy 91.7% of pre-pandemic employment levels. 

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Immigration to play a vital role in recovery

While the above stats are encouraging to read, there is no denying that the pandemic negatively impacted the Canadian economy. However, a survey conducted by the World Education Services to assess the outlook of current Canadian immigration found an interesting trend. Many respondents including prospective immigrants expected Canada to have a lesser extreme economic impact than in their home countries. The regular conduct of nomination draws from major provinces as well as Express Entry for Canada PR only shows the liberal intent of the Canadian government to sustain a high immigration level for recovery. This also explains why several prospective immigrants are actively applying for immigration even during times like these. 

Even before the pandemic set-in, Canada welcomed increased levels of immigration to play a central role in the nation’s recovery from dual demographic shocks- aging population and low birth rate. All these factors will now be accounted for in the upcoming 2021-2023 Canada Immigration Levels Plan that is scheduled by November 1st, 2020. 

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Get Permanent Residency without a job offer or ever having lived in Canada

Canada offers a secure future to economic-class immigrants including skilled workers, business entrepreneurs and their families. Apart from better career opportunities, higher standards of social benefits like universal health, education is coupled with easy immigration options. Even the path to Canadian citizenship is easily achievable to any economic-class immigrant. 

Any foreign skilled worker who did not live in Canada before, can readily apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry pathway. The candidates will be evaluated on their human capital factors such as age, work experience, education and proficiency in English or French. Additionally, there are several dedicated streams under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that allow skilled workers, entrepreneurs, business investors to migrate to Canada on a permanent basis.   

Even in these uncertain times brought upon us by the coronavirus pandemic, one thing stands clear- Canada’s increased need for immigrants, and the overwhelming response by foreigners to settle in Canada. Find out more about the employment opportunities that await you in Canada by taking this free online assessment

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