Median Entry Wage For New Immigrants To Canada Hits A Record

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Statistics Canada made an encouraging finding that immigrant wages were on the rise before the pandemic, for some groups even surpassed Canadian-born workers.

The median entry wage for new immigrants to Canada hit the highest in 2018, revealed a report of Statistics Canada published on February 1.


New immigrants were now reported to have a median entry wage of $30,100 in 2018. The same group had a median entry wage of $26,500 in 2017 for immigrants who landed in 2016. 

Quoting the report, “Pre-admission experience, which can provide immigrants with language skills and knowledge of the job market, can help immigrants settle more quickly than those with no pre-admission experience.” 

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Reasons For Higher Median Entry Wage

Immigrants with a study and work permit had the highest median entry wages with $44,000, while those with a work permit had only $39,100. A very encouraging fact for aspirants looking to work & settle in Canada is that both of these groups surpassed Canadians in median entry wages.

The report observed that certain socioeconomic characteristics of the immigrant candidate determined the record median entry wage in Canada. Such factors include language proficiency in English or French, prior work experience, and category of admission among others.

Immigrant outcomes also differed depending on what country they came from. Those from Iran, Egypt, and Algeria saw the highest increases in the median wage. 

The report also showed that about 87% of immigrants who had prior work experience in any of the Canadian provinces before obtaining permanent residence preferred to stay in the province of admission. Ontario had the highest provincial retention rate, followed by Alberta and British Columbia.

In Canada, the overall retention rate after 10 years was 85.4 percent.

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