Canada remains committed with 4,200 Express Entry invitations for Canada PR

Canada Express Entry

September ended on a higher note with the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducting its 164th Express Entry draw. 

Express Entry draw is not a visa type but an application management system. Candidates who register their profiles in the system may qualify for nominations. Such nominations for permanent residence in Canada are held under three federal immigration programs- Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), subjected to eligibility criteria. 

A select group of candidates with prior provincial nominations may also find themselves eligible to apply for Canada PR alongside the nominated candidates. 

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Ever since the lockdown was imposed on March 18, IRCC had held specific Express Entry draws targeting only those candidates with provincial nominations or Canadian work experience.  The 164nd Express Entry draw is a departure from usual as it considered candidates belonging to the FSWP category. 

September 30th draw is now the fifth draw since March that considered foreign skilled workers who had not previously lived or worked in Canada, i.e. FSWP category, to apply for permanent residence

Draw Size Remains Same

The draw size in the latest draw remains the same with 4,200 invitations to apply (ITAs) for Canadian permanent residence. Although the draw size went up to 4500 ITAs in February 2020, the constant draw size of 4200 for the last three draws shows how well Canada is committed to increasing the immigration levels in 2021 and beyond. 

Decrease in qualifying CRS by 1 point

Any profile to be registered in the Express Entry pool is assessed and ranked on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The said ranking system evaluates the registered profiles based on core human capital factors like age, work experience, education and skills in English or French. 

Following the declining trend in the CRS cut-off scores, the latest draw required candidates to have a score above 471 for a successful nomination. The minimum CRS requirement follows a one-point decline from the previously held all-program draw

Often there arises a situation where candidates end up having the same CRS score. Here is where IRCC uses its tie-break rule to rank a particular candidate higher. The timestamp used in the latest draw was March 2, 2020, at 12:37:25 UTC. 

This meant that all candidates with a CRS score above 471 before the selected date and time were eligible to receive an ITA in this invitation round. 

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Express Entry Draws in 2020

This is just the 31st draw of 2020 and the overall tally of ITAs issued is nearing the 80,000 mark. The exact number of ITAs issued in 2020 alone stands at 78, 350 which is a new record in itself considering the unprecedented situation worldwide. 

Here is a list of all Express Entry draws held in 2020.

Draw Number Date Number of ITAs issues Minimum CRS
164 September 30 4200 471
163 September 16 4200 472
162 September 2 4200 475
161 August 20 3300 454 (CEC-specific)
160 August 19 600 771 (PNP-specific)
159 August 6 250 415 (FSTP- specific)
158 August 5 3900 476
157 July 24 3343 445 (CEC-specific)
156 July 22 557 687 (PNP-specific)
155 July 8 3900 478
154 June 25 3508 431 (CEC-specific)
153 June 24 392 696 (PNP-specific)
152 June 11 3551 437 (CEC-specific)
151 June 10 341 743 (PNP-specific)
150 May 28 3515 440 (CEC-specific)
149 May 27 385 757 (PNP-specific)
148 May 15 3371 447 (CEC-specific)
147 May 13 529 718 (PNP-specific)
146 May 1 3311 452 (CEC-specific)
145 April 29 589 692 (PNP-specific)
144 April 16 3782 455 (CEC-specific)
143 April 15 118 808 (PNP-specific)
142 April 9 3294 464 (CEC-specific)
141 April 9 606 698 (PNP-specific)
140 March 23 3232 467 (CEC-specific)
139 March 18 668 720 (PNP-specific)
138 March 4 3900 471
137 February 19 4500 470
136 February 5 3500 472
135 January 22 3400 471
134 January 8 3400 473

The regular conduct of Express Entry draws and Provincial Nominee draws even during the ongoing pandemic displays a high level of commitment for increasing immigration levels in Canada. In such times, CanApprove is your best immigration and overseas education consultant with a genuine service record of over two decades. 

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