Canada’s High Demand Jobs For 2021: Report

Randstad released its predictions for 2021 on the top jobs in Canada.

The Canadian economy is certainly recovering from the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Not only the movement of people were affected dramatically, but businesses all over the world took a heavy blow on their operations. However, as we are entering the second month of the new year 2021, it’s an excellent time to reclaim all the lost opportunities and qualify oneself to immigrate to Canada. 


Industry sources expect more than two-thirds of Canadian employers to rehire employees who were laid off due to the pandemic. Experts and research agencies have already started to predict the outlook for 2021 in Canada. 


Following this is Randstad Canada, a human resources consulting firm, released its predictions for 2021 on the top jobs in the country. 


Also, by virtue of treating all immigrants in Canada on par with the locals, the job market is equally accessible and open for all the eligible foreign skilled immigrants and recent graduates. 


Here’s the monthly review of Canada PR nomination draws- January 2021 edition.


Top 9 Jobs in Canada for 2021


Registered Nurse Software Developer Electrical Engineer
Accountant HR Manager Financial Advisor
Sales Associate Customer Service Representative Tech Sector


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Registered Nurse: Canada’s demography is undergoing a transition phase where there is more aging population. Although the ongoing pandemic may have amplified the need for nurses, there was already a shortage of registered nurses even before.


It is estimated that Canada will need 60,000 nurses by 2022 to help with the aging population. Read more about migrating to Canada as a Registered Nurse


Tech Sector: Immigrants are influential in growing the sector in Canada. For this reason, there are immigration programs in Ontario and British Columbia that focus on recruiting for the technology sector. Tech talent is in high demand particularly in major urban centers like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal.


Software Developer: Thanks to the pandemic, the dependence of businesses across various industries on digital medium have increased drastically. The demand for qualified individuals who can code, design, and build applications and websites may even bigger this year in Canada. 


Read more about migrating to Canada as an IT professional.  


Electrical Engineer: Demand is particularly high for electrical engineers with a diverse skill set that goes beyond technical skills, such as communication skills and writing skills.


Financial Advisors & Accountants: Accountants are able to advise businesses on issues such as accessing government funding and financial tax breaks. They also help businesses make important decisions regarding growth. 


While Financial advisors play an important role in offering support and advice to said individuals who may be facing difficulty in mortgage or rent payments, as well as debt.


HR Manager: HR managers develop relevant HR policies such as remote work policies and health and safety policies. They are also responsible for keeping up the morale of the employees during such a difficult time. Companies in Canada will continue to hire the best person in the industry. 


Read more about migrating to Canada as a Management Professional

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Other semi-skilled jobs like drivers, welders, general laborers are also expected to be in high demand in 2021. 


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