October Report Shows Immigrants Have A High Rate Of Employment In Canada

October Report Shows Immigrants Have A High Rate Of Employment In Canada

Labour Force Survey data for October 2022 indicates rising levels of employment in Canada. 

Statistics Canada report noted the biggest gains in employment, particularly in manufacturing, construction and accommodation, and food services. Employment gains in Canada occurred mainly in the core working age group of 25-54 years old

 Most new employment occurred in Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

The private sector in Canada recruited more individuals in October 2022, seeing an increase in employment for the first time since March 2022.

The report showed wage raises by 25% over the last year for every six in ten employees who had been with their employer for at least 12 months. 53.6% of those employed in healthcare and social services received a raise. 

Immigration-led employment gains

23% of Canada’s population is an immigrant confirmed 2021 census data on immigration which was recently released. These immigrants are people who are or have ever been landed immigrants or permanent residents in Canada. 

The survey also found immigrants who arrived in Canada over the past five years had an employment rate of 70.7%. We know for a fact that a quarter of registered nurses and 36% of physicians in Canada are not Canadian-born

Thus the employment gains in Canada will eventually open up more new opportunities for immigrants. 

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Businesses in Canada fill more full-time positions

The employment gain in October 2022 saw a 3% rise in the rate of full-time employment over October 2021. In absolute figures, about 119,000 full-time positions were filled across private-sector businesses in Canada. 

Additionally, men of core working age gained somewhat more full-time work between September and October in 2022. Young women aged 15-24 have seen a decrease in their rate of employment, resulting in a total unemployment rate of 10.5%.

However, the rate of women with part-time employment has risen by 5% since last October.

Province-wise employment gains in Canada

Quebec showed significant growth with 28,000 positions filled for employment. Overall gains were mainly full-time and within construction, finance, insurance, real estate, rental, and leasing. The province has an unemployment rate of 4.1%.

Ontario filled about 43,000 positions, mainly in part-time work. The biggest gains were within the accommodation and food sectors as well as the professional, scientific, and technical services sectors. The unemployment rate stood at 5.9%.

Prince Edward Island saw employment increase by 4,300 positions in October 2022. 

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