Immigration a crucial factor behind growth of Canada’s technology sector: Trudeau

Immigration a crucial factor behind growth of Canada’s technology sector: Trudeau

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that immigration was a crucial factor behind Canada’s thriving technology sector. Acknowledging the contribution of immigrants to the growth of technology sector, Trudeau, at a conference held in Toronto, said Canada’s openness to welcoming new immigrants was central to the growth of its technology industry.

Countries like the US are closing themselves off to immigration. In this context, Canada’s ability to remain open has given it an important edge, said Trudeau. “Access to talent obviously comes from immigration and it comes from training young and educating Canadians right,” he added.

By the year 2021, Canada will be welcoming 350,000 newcomers per year to the country. Majority of these newcomers would be economic immigrants or skilled workers with skills and experience in demand in the Canadian labor market.

Global Talent Stream

Canada launched the Global Talent Stream with an aim to attract global talents to the technology sector of the country. It is a flagship work permit stream that makes possible the processing of work permit applications complete within 10 business days. It also aims to provide support to companies which are looking to make significant job-creating investments in Canada. Companies applying for workers through the Global Talent Stream will have access to the new streamlined application process. It offers guidance to the employers on the application process and the development of the Labor Market Benefits Plan, with a service standard of 10 business days.

Canada vs US

Under the Trump administration, the US has introduced a deliberate increase in red tape in the H-1B visa for technology workers. On the contrary, the Global Talent Stream of Canada offers a viable option for skilled technology workers from across the globe to obtain a Canadian work permit. As a result, foreign technology workers have increasingly started to choose Canada over the US. Not only that, the ability to hire the right employees without much hassle has encouraged major tech firms to move their operations to Canada, at least partly. The tech workers who come to Canada on work permit can apply for Permanent Residence in Canada after gaining sufficient level of Canadian work experience.

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