Rising Wages Add to Benefits of Canada Immigration in Recent Years: Statistics Canada

Pay scale for immigrants in canada

Canada adds another chapter to its long list of benefits of Canada immigration. A new Statistics Canada study finds that Pay Scale for immigrants in Canada are on the rise in recent years.

The study notes the higher median income for immigrant groups with prior work or study experience in Canada.

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Even though Canada is seen favouring two-step immigration post-pandemic, those without prior Canadian experience still have a good chance of obtaining Canada Permanent Residency.

Canadian experience is categorized into three groups: work and study experience, just work, and just study experience.

When looking at just the principal applicants of economic-class immigration programs, the median wages were higher than the Canadian-born population in 2019. These immigrants who landed in 2018 had a median salary of $43,600 one year later, which is more than 12% higher than the Canadian median wage in the same year ($38,800).

“Principal applicants in the economic categories are selecting by their ability to integrate into the Canadian labour market and to contribute to the economy,” the report says. “Most have post-secondary education and knowledge of at least one official language.”

Canada Permanent Residency with Prior Canadian Experience Leads to Higher Immigrant Wages

Immigrants who had both work and study experience before admission had the highest median wage one year later.

Immigrants admitted in 2018 reported their 2019 median wage as $44,600. This was even higher than the Canadian-born population who reported a median wage of $38,800 that year. Immigrants who only had work experience prior to landing in 2018 had a 2019 median wage of $39,300, also higher than the Canadian-born population.

Immigrants who became permanent residents in 2018 reported a higher median wage in 2019. The absolute figure is the highest among all groups of immigrants who came to Canada since 1981.

Additionally, immigrant women who arrive in Canada as economic dependents (such as spouses of principal applicants or family-sponsored immigrants) are seeing higher wage growth. This shows that the Pay scale for Immigrants in Canada is rising.

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Benefits of Canada Immigration: Convergence in the Labor Market Performance

Another study by Statistics Canada found immigrant men who had been in Canada for less than 10 years get jobs at a faster rate than Canadian-born men. There was also a marginal improvement in the relative employment rate of immigrant women who had been in Canada for less than five years.

Individuals with higher levels of education and higher language proficiency in English or French fare better in Canada.

Candidates who immigrate to Canada under Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) streams tend to earn more than their Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) counterparts. FSWP candidates, do not necessarily need Canadian experience to be eligible for Canada permanent residency.

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