Statistics Canada Notes Increased Job Vacancies Across All Sectors

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada in its payroll employment, earnings and hours, and job vacancies report for September 2022 noted 994,800 vacant payroll employment positions in Canada.
The report found a 3.8% hike in job vacancies within Canada across all major sectors – Healthcare and Social Assistance, Accommodation, and Food Services, Retail Trade, Professional Scientific and Technical Services, Manufacturing – compared to the previous August report. 

Payroll employment increased nationally by 0.5% in September, with the largest gains in Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta. Additionally, two immigration-friendly provinces, Ontario and Saskatchewan added the highest number of 400,000 new jobs during the period. 

Payroll employment in Canada does not include self-employed, professional practices, or owners and partners of unincorporated businesses. Therefore, it indicates more hiring of eligible candidates and it is coinciding with increased economic-class immigration targets for 2023 in Canada. 

New Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023-25

Canada did not hesitate to release an ambitious immigration levels plan yet again. The country looks forward to welcoming nearly 266,210 new immigrants annually in 2023 through Express Entry/PNP streams. The targets for 2024 and 2025 are nearly 300,000 new immigrants each. 

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Sector-Wise Job Vacancies in Canada

  • Healthcare and social assistance: The healthcare sector posted the highest number of job openings in Canada at 159,500 positions. It is similar to the high demand for self-employed professionals including doctors, nurses, physicians, surgeons, etc. 
  • Professional Scientific and Technical Services: The services sector encompasses legal services, accounting, architectural and engineering, computer systems design, management consulting, advertising, public relations, and more, posted 61,900 job openings in Canada.  
  • Accommodation and Food services: The accommodation and food services posted 152,400 job openings in Canada.
  • Retail Trade: The retail trade sector including field managers and strategists saw about 117,300 vacant positions in September. 

How is Canada Incentivizing More Skilled Immigration?

A quarter of registered nurses and 36% of physicians in Canada are not Canadian-born. 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is further taking measures to make it easy for foreign-trained healthcare workers to immigrate. 

Some of its recent initiatives include allowing self-employed physicians who are on a temporary residency visa to qualify for Canada PR under Express Entry. 

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